"Vice Bureau Chief Xu, your alcohol capacity is astounding. You're still not drunk?" Ye Junwen narrowed his eyes and smiled. He stretched out his hand and patted Xu Ningsheng's shoulder.

In truth, Xu Ningsheng was already feeling somewhat dizzy. He too had drank quite a bit just now. The women at that table had all toasted him with a glass of red wine. Now, he was in for a lot of trouble.

"It's been a long time since I've been so happy. We're going to have a good drink today." Xu Ningsheng opened another bottle of champagne. He still hadn't had his fill. It had been a long time since he'd had a good drink.

"Come, come, Vice Bureau Chief Xu, let us drink to our heart's content." Ye Junwen drank a bit too much and his decibels were also higher.

Jin Zhuwen frowned. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at these two. She inexplicably felt that these two men were very cute, but they really couldn't drink anymore. If she did, she would definitely be completely drunk.

"Bro, don't call me Vice Bureau Chief Xu. I have a name. You can call me Ah Sheng. If you don't mind, you can also call me Ah Sheng Bro." Xu Ningsheng suddenly smiled, his raging face carrying a hint of ridicule.

"You're only two years older than me, and you still want to take advantage of me?" Ye Junwen suddenly said with a clear mind.


After drinking a few cups of wine, the two people who originally didn't like each other started teasing each other like friends.

Jin Zhuwen was a bit speechless, she couldn't stop them either. Since these two men were happy tonight, she would allow them to do as they pleased.

Jin Zhuwen was still drinking her herbal medicine, so she couldn't drink it. Therefore, she could only silently drink her drink and eat while watching the two men beside her continuously clink their cups.

Jin Beisen and Zhou Manzhen were sitting at the table next to Yu Jian's. Su Muni and Su Qingyan were naturally sitting next to Yu Jian. Yu Jian had won the limelight by being praised by everyone tonight.

Yu Jian was a very strange person. He did not like money because he did not lack it, so money could not tempt him at all. It was precisely because he was not greedy that he gained more power.

People with money might not have the right to, but people with power would definitely have money. Yu Jian was obviously a smart person, he wouldn't throw away his future because he wanted some small money.


"Bei Sen, what's going on with Wen and Xu Ningsheng?" Why did you keep on drinking? " Zhou Manzhen touched her stomach. She had eaten so much that her stomach was about to pop out.

But strangely, Jin Beisheng didn't let her drink tonight, while he drank a few cups himself. Zhou Manzhen hadn't had any alcohol for a long time, her alcohol capacity was very low, and she only wanted to give a few sips to Jin Beisan.

Jin Beisheng's argument was that women drank too badly and drank too wrongly.

"Obviously, the two of them fought to the death. Wenwen is quite smart." The corner of Jin Beisheng's mouth curled up into a smile.

Zhou Manzhen hated this kind of atmosphere the most, she grabbed Jin Beiseng's left hand and looked at the time. It was already 9 o'clock, and the di

er wasn't over yet, she had already secretly complained to Jin Beiseng.

In fact, most of the people at the table were already drunk, but this was a man's nature. Once drunk, he liked to boast, especially when the big bosses were sitting together in the mall, he liked to talk about the romantic story.

The people at Jin Beisen's table had gradually quietened down, but the atmosphere at the next table was still high. Everyone called him Mayor Yu, as if Yu Jian was hit by lightning. This scene seemed familiar to Jin Beisen.

In the past, when Tang Jungong took up his post, he had the same impression. The officials and businessmen had one thing in common, that was, when you were able to survive, those people would curry favor with you, and they would support you like the stars supporting the moon. When you fell into the valley, these people would not only not give you any coal, but would also stab you in the head.

Jin Beisan didn't want to make many friends because he had a clear understanding of the world, and he didn't want to make many friends. Jin Beisheng didn't want to make many friends because he had a clear understanding of the world, and he didn't want to make many friends.

Zhou Manzhen was a little tired. She quietly sat there, playing with her phone without saying a word. She was not a person of her circle, so she didn't understand why those people were laughing so happily at the table across from them.

"Wife, are you tired? If you're tired, let's go back first. " Jin Beisen reached out his hand to touch Zhou Manzhen's cheek, only to see that the little woman's mouth was already pouting.

That was a behavior that only she would have if she was unhappy, Jin Beiseng was a man with great insight, he had already figured out Zhou Manzhen's little bits and pieces, even what every expression meant.

Zhou Manzhen looked into Jin Beisheng's eyes, thinking to himself, is it really okay to leave now? Maybe they shouldn't be here tonight.

Seeing the frown on her forehead, he had a nagging feeling that Zhou Manzhen was not happy tonight. She was originally a person who did not like to be crowded, not to mention this kind of occasion, she did not like to come. Furthermore, Yu Jian had also made things difficult for Zhou Manzhen, but luckily Zhou Manzhen was smart enough to reject Yu Jian's unreasonable request.

If it was his friend's birthday party, Zhou Manzhu would certainly be happy to have someone she was close with play a song with. The problem was that this Yu Jian was so rude from the start, as if everyone had to listen to him just because he was the mayor.

From tonight onwards, Jin Beisheng made up his mind that he must pull Yu Jian off his horse. Yu Jian was the only backer of the Su Family, and Su Qingyan could be said to be a cu

ing old fox in the shopping mall. He had done many bad things, and Jin Beisheng didn't believe that Yu Jian would remain i


Yu Jian was the only backer of the Su Clan, and also the strongest backer. As long as he pulled Yu Jian down, the Su Clan would fall.

"Having two birds with one stone might not be a bad idea." Jin Beisheng organized his thoughts and started to calculate how he should pull Yu Jian off his horse ??

Yu Jian had just taken up his position, so he definitely wouldn't do anything excessive in the near future. However, he believed that as long as Su Muniu was around, Yu Jian would reveal himself after a long time.

Zhong Xingran had drank too much tonight. She walked drunkenly to the table where Ye Junwen and Jin Zhuwen were seated, and while she was still drunk, she intentionally played the fool.

"Yo, I was wondering who it was. So it was Miss Jin." Zhong Xinrui was still intoxicated, so she said it without hesitation. The decibel level was a little high.

Jin Zhuwen pursed her lips, calmly holding the orange juice in her hand. She didn't intend to continue the conversation; she knew that Zhong Xinrui was here on purpose to cause trouble. Instead of cooperating with her performance, it would be better to ignore her and allow her to lead the show by herself.