When Jin Zhuwen and Ye Junwen entered, it was already too late. Therefore, the two of them found a remote seat. Jin Zhuwen looked around, searching for Xu Ningsheng's shadow. Finally, she found him on her left.

He saw Xu Ning raise her red wine glass and casually drink all the wine in her cup, a faint smile still hanging on her face.

In the past few years, Xu Ningsheng felt that his tolerance for alcohol had improved even more. Basically, every month, he would have a large scale gathering or di

er party, and being served wine was a common occurrence.

There were always many people who liked to discuss things over the wine table. Xu Ningsheng was very smart; he hated discussing things over the wine table the most, so every time he stopped wanting to drink, he would pretend to be drunk and lie down on the table, so that no one would drink his wine anymore.

The people at Xu Ningsheng's table were basically all women.

"Vice Bureau Chief Xu is really even more handsome and dashing than the pictures." He was sitting on the left side of Xu Ningsheng, taking the advantage of being the first to get the moon as he smiled and flattered him.


He didn't know why, but just now, he had been sitting here for no reason at all. He had originally wanted to be alone and quiet, but as soon as he sat down, more than ten women swarmed towards him, causing him to be in an extremely awkward situation. He couldn't even leave if he wanted to.

Xu Ningsheng didn't recognize any of these women, but looking at their attire, Xu Ningsheng knew that they were definitely famous ladies of high society. Xu Ningsheng couldn't be bothered to interact with these women; he was ridiculed by one of them, Vice Bureau Chief Xu and another Vice Bureau Chief Xu, making Xu Ningsheng feel very helpless.

"Thank you for your praise." Xu Ningsheng didn't know that woman, but he still smiled and said.

"Vice Bureau Chief Xu, my little brother will be studying for his third year soon, but this bastard doesn't like to study, and his grades in the class will be at the bottom. I'm afraid that he won't be able to get into high school next year, so see if I can help him arrange for him to enter A High School. If he does, I'll definitely reward him handsomely." The woman with curly hair did not know how to react, but she actually took the initiative to start a conversation.

Xu Ningsheng's attitude was very familiar. After he became the Deputy Director of the Education Bureau, he would often go back to A High School to research, and sometimes he would even go to teach classes. After all, he had to rewrite his teaching materials, and he had to be able to operate them.

Xu Ningsheng was not the least bit sloppy when it came to his work. It could be said that he did everything by himself.


Using his younger brother's results to talk was indeed a good way to go. Everyone looked expectantly at Xu Ningsheng, waiting to see how he would respond.

First of all, the threshold of A City No.1 Middle School is very high, and you need to reach a certain level before you can enter there. Second, the pressure of learning in A City No.1 Middle School is very high, and if your brother doesn't like studying, then it's useless going there. He won't be able to keep up with other people's pace, and he will also be tired. Xu Ningsheng turned his head and stared coldly at the woman beside him.

The crowd truly wanted to give him a perfect score for this answer. They tactfully refused and did not hurt that woman. They even gave the girl with curly hair a full set of steps down the stairs. It was truly unwise of them.

The girl silently frowned, and bit her lips in a wronged ma

er, saying, "Actually ?? It's just that our family has been doing business for generations, and my father will definitely hand the company over to my brother. My brother can't study and has no diploma, so how can he inherit the family business in the future? "

"This young miss, forgive me for being blunt, but how your younger brother inherits the family business is a matter for your family. Vice Bureau Chief Xu, I have something to say to you." Ye Junwen's face turned cold, appearing beside Xu Ningsheng.

The girl with curly hair raised her head in astonishment. She didn't know who was so untactful as to actually talk so much. When she saw Ye Junwen's pair of deep eyes, she immediately frowned and lowered her head.

Xu Ningsheng's eyes were filled with doubt. He didn't know what Ye Junwen was up to, but it was better than sitting in a crowd of complicated women. He smiled and said, "Okay."

With these words, Xu Ningsheng followed Ye Junwen to Jin Zhuwen's table.

There weren't many people at Jin Zhuwen's table, only seven. Their round tables were enough to accommodate eighteen people, and thus, the people at their table were quite far apart from each other.

Xu Ningsheng silently followed Ye Junwen as he felt a strange feeling in his heart.

Ye Junwen suddenly gestured for Xu Ningsheng to sit down. With a very polite expression, Xu Junsheng was a little confused, and his hair stood on end.

"Hey, Ah Sheng." Jin Zhuwen narrowed her eyes and smiled, greeting Xu Ningsheng with a gentle tone.

He poured two glasses of red wine, and one cup was placed in front of Xu Ningsheng. He bluntly said, "I was originally too petty, so I want to apologize to you. I hope from today onwards, the two of us can become friends."

Xu Ningsheng stared straight at Ye Junwen and said with a half-smile, "When did we become enemies?"

"Cough, cough ??" Just tell me if you are willing or not. I am a straightforward person. Ye Junwen curled his lips. His handsome face had a few hints of arrogance, but his attitude had clearly become a lot gentler than before.

Xu Ningsheng stared blankly for a moment, then bluntly said, "I'm willing, of course I'm willing. One more friend is equivalent to losing an enemy. Moreover, in these years, you've always misunderstood me."

Ye Junwen seemed to be holding back a smile as he straightforwardly raised his glass of red wine and said, "After drinking this glass of wine, we will be friends. I will be the first to do it as a form of respect."

Xu Ningsheng quickly raised his red wine cup and clinked it against Ye Junwen's. The two glasses clashed together, emitting a crisp sound, signifying the begi

ing of their revolutionary friendship.

No matter what kind of misunderstanding or feud they had, it was all in the past. From now on, they were friends.

Xu Ningsheng and Ye Junwen weren't hypocritical men. They didn't like to talk much, but rather liked to use actual actions to express their i

er feelings.

After drinking the red wine one cup at a time, the two of them finished the whole bottle of red wine in less than a quarter of an hour.