After a full five seconds had passed, Zhong Xinrui saw that Jin Zhuwen was not paying attention to her, and said in an uncomfortable mood, "Miss Jin, are you being polite? I'm talking to you. "

Her fist, which was clenched at her side, was already a bit uncontrollable. However, since Zhong Xinrui's parents were also here tonight, Ye Junwen still said in a good-natured tone, "Zhong Xinrui, go back after a drink. Don't cause any trouble here."

Zhong Xinrui intentionally narrowed her eyes, curled her lips, and laughed: "Oh? Is that so? Causing trouble? What have I got into? Didn't I just want to say a few words to Miss Jin? Miss Jin is so uneducated that you don't even care if people talk to you. "

She slowly put down the goblet in her hand and said with a faint look in her eyes, "If an ordinary person were to talk to me, I would definitely take care of it. But if she isn't a human, then what should I say? "I wonder if Miss Zhong has ever heard of an idiom called 'playing the lute to a cow'."

With these words, Zhong Xinrui was so angry that she almost choked. Jin Zhuwen actually called herself an ox, and even said that she was playing a lute to a cow? How despicable.

Having been targeted, Zhong XinRui laughed heartily, saying with a face full of ridicule, "Yo, I was wondering who it was next. So it's Miss Jin's former lover, Vice Bureau Chief Xu."

When she spoke of Xu Ningsheng, Zhong Xingrui even intentionally rolled her eyes, her gaze drifting towards him with ill intentions.


Everyone present listened silently. Everyone held their breath, no one said anything. Even Xu Ningsheng only smiled faintly.

Jin Zhuwen originally thought that Xu Ningsheng would laugh it off, but who knew that Xu Ningsheng would suddenly take a tissue and gracefully wipe the corner of his mouth as he said, "Zhong Xingrui, you're going to jail for slandering others. Your words today are all evidence. Of course, you also have the right to remain silent."

Zhong Xinrui pursed her lips, a look of ridicule on her face, "Vice Bureau Chief Xu, do you think you can scare me like this? Who doesn't know that you, Xu Ningsheng, relied on a woman to rise to the top? If it weren't for Jin Zhuwen, would you have become Deputy Director of the Education Bureau? "You're just someone who has a soft spot, why are you being so arrogant here?"

No one could have imagined that Zhong Xinrui would actually dare to say such words and actually a

ounce Xu Ning's promotion to the next rank. Although this was no longer a secret, no one dared to openly discuss about it. Zhong Xingrui really wasn't afraid of losing decorum.

Hearing her words, Jin Zhuwen couldn't hold back her anger. However, she didn't immediately get angry, nor did she seem angry in the slightest. Instead, she calmly said, "I heard that Miss Zhong currently likes to hang out at nightclubs, and every time she goes there, she even likes to call ducks."


Zhong Xingran froze for a moment. Her eyes widened as she glared at Jin Zhuwen. She no longer pretended to be crazy and fool around. Instead, she shouted in anger, "What nonsense are you spouting?"

"What nonsense am I spouting? I'm not talking nonsense, aren't you? I've seen your pictures of you going to the nightclub to bathe the ducks, tsk tsk... I really didn't expect Zhong Xinrui to be this hungry. Could it be that no man will die? " A trace of a coy smile appeared on Jin Zhuwen's cold face. She originally didn't plan to speak of such a thing in public. Wasn't she forced into a corner by Zhong Xingrui?

Ever since Jin Shuwen's inexplicable miscarriage, she had been looking for a private detective to track down Zhong Xinrui for twenty-four hours to see where she had gone and who she had been doing business with.

During this period of time, Jin Shuwen didn't find Zhong Xingran to find any incense mixers. She usually slept at home during the day, or went shopping with her best friends. But every night, Zhong Xingrui would sneak out from her backyard every night, and go to one of the major bars in A city to play.

There were also some dark deals in the bar. Zhong Xinrui liked to open rooms every time, probably because she was single for a long time and had no man to satisfy her physical needs. Basically, she would go to a nightclub two or three times a week to look for ducks to play with.

Every time Zhong Xinrui went to play, she was afraid that others would recognize her, so she would wear a wig and sometimes make a few spots on her face. Zhong Xinrui loved to go there and indulge herself, as the night shop did not lack women with heavy makeup.

But Zhong Xinrui also has a bottom line. She never kisses a duck, she just likes to let the duck caress her body to please her.

As soon as Jin Zhuwen spoke, everyone instantly quieted down, and the men who were drunk to the point that it seemed as if they had sobered up a lot.

"Jin Zhuwen, you ?? "Are you trying to slander me? When did I go to the nightclub to find a duck?" Zhong Xinrui frowned, feeling guilty and stuttering.

At this moment, Zhong Xingrui could only hope that Jin Zhuwen did not get the photo. If she did, then Zhong Xingran would be doomed for the rest of her life.

Zhong Xinrui was, after all, a daughter of a famous birth clan. Once this matter was exposed in the upper class, it would become a scandal.

The Zhong Family's home tutor was actually quite strict. Zhong Xinrui went to the nightclub to find the ducks, but in fact, it was also brought along by Su Muniu. However, after a long time, Zhong Rui would go as well, even without the Su Mumei, she had never enjoyed the ambiguous feeling between her and a man. At this age, her body could not help but feel a little empty.

Ducks in those places were very skilled. Zhong Xinrui was a bit addicted to being caressed by them.

As if possessed, she went there several times a week to avoid any discomfort.

"Heh ??" "It's okay, I have a photo here. Everyone here is fine, open Weibo and search for 'I like to eat ducks'. There are a lot of photos of Zhong Xinrui going to a nightclub. If you don't believe me, you can look at them." Jin Zhuwen chuckled. She was waiting for an opportunity to thoroughly defeat Zhong Xingran.

"I like eating ducks" was a trumpet created by Jin Zhuwen. She didn't have a single fan, but she had sent many photos to that Weibo account. She only had to wait for the day when Zhong Xinrui's ugly face was exposed to the sun.

Ye Junwen looked at Jin Zhuwen in surprise. He didn't know about this either, so he immediately took out his phone to search. Indeed, this Weibo account really did exist.

Zhong Xinrui's parents were no longer embarrassed. They were sitting in a remote place, and Father Zhong was trembling in anger. Mother Zhong was clenching her fists, and her face was pale.

All of a sudden, everyone took out their cell phones to search Weibo. Some of them even downloaded one. Everyone buried their heads and sighed endlessly at the photos on Weibo.

The scale of the photo was quite large, and one could tell that it was secretly taken by a professional. Although the Zhong Xingrui in the photo had changed her hairstyle and makeup, those who were familiar with her could tell that this was the fact that she was made of iron.