Chapter 306: Power Couple 5  

Zamiel took Heaven on a short adventure to test her new senses. She was nervous, but Zamiel was convinced that she would learn fast and start to enjoy her demon side. He also promised to help her regain her memories.

"Shall we start with our first kiss?" He smiled.

"Yes," she nodded excitedly, as if it was really going to be her first kiss.

He took her to the ocean. Heaven recognized the place from her diffuse memories. She knew they had their first kiss here, but seeing it now, she was stunned by how beautiful the place was.

"Your demon awakened here for the first time, so you got to experience the place differently. Now you will get to experience it with new eyes again," he said.

Yes. Even though she couldn't remember clearly how her first experience was, she knew this felt different. She could see the stars shining brighter than she had ever seen them before. The night breeze was soft and the sound of the ocean was pleasant to her ears. The weather soothed her heightened senses, and the night made her connect to her inner emotions.


She looked over at Zamiel. For some reason, he looked even more beautiful at night. His hair was like the dark sky and his eyes glowed like the moon. She felt a strange feeling of having these thoughts about him before.

She was right. She did have these thoughts on the first night he brought her here. A smile lit up her face upon knowing that she was remembering things.

Zamiel began to take his jacket and shirt off. She also remembered the moment of feeling shy undressing in front of him. She had asked him to turn away, and he had found that amusing. Now she undressed without feeling shy and then he offered her his hand and led her into the water.

The cold liquid made her shiver, but felt less cold the further she walked in. They stopped when the water reached her hips. Zamiel wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

"I want to kiss you for a very long time but I can't if you bite me."

She chuckled. "I don't know how to stop," she said, embarrassed.


"If you bite me, I won't kiss you for a week," he said.

She frowned, and he laughed. "You don't mean that?"

"I do. It is give and take. You don't let me kiss you, then I don't kiss you."

"That sounds more like a punishment for biting you." She said.

"If that is how you want to see it, I don't mind." He smirked. "It would be interesting to see how you would be able to go without a kiss now that you are fully demon. You will understand how I feel when you are gone for a battle for more than a week."

"How do you feel?" She asked curiously.

"Restless, frustrated and starving," he replied. "And not in the human way. The demon's experience is much different. The way making love felt different for you last night. You didn't want me to stop even when you were tired and in pain."

That was true, and she had to pay for it today. She could still feel the soreness where he had bitten her on her thigh and other places where he had imprinted a part of himself.

"That's how I feel when you claw at my back. I don't mind because I don't want to stop, but you biting my lips makes me unable to taste yours. I want to be able to taste you. I have waited while you were gone in battle, while you were recovering and now I can't wait anymore." His eyes gleamed as he spoke and her heart accelerated.

He grabbed the back of her head and she tiptoed as he leaned down to meet her halfway. Their lips met in a heated kiss that sent warmth all the way down to her toes, even in the cold water. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he pressed her body against his chest. He kissed her with such hunger that awakened her own. The feeling of her demon awakening sent chills down her spine.

No, she thought. No biting. She didn't want this kiss to end yet. She wanted this night to last forever and through the kiss, she saw images of their first kiss. She had been nervous and timid. She had felt so many butterflies in her stomach and her heart felt like it had wings.

Yes, the demon's experience was intense and full of passion, but a first time was a first time. It was special and the insecurities and excitement of it being a first made it even more special. She was happy she could remember it.

"It seems like you really don't want to go without kissing for a week," Zamiel spoke next to her lips.

"No. That would be too long for me even if I was still human," she smiled. "And our first kiss, it was beautiful."

"You are beautiful," he said, kissing her again. "Listen, you make my heart beat fast until today."

Heaven strained her ears as he kissed her. She heard the fast beating of his heart. She even heard his breathing. To hear the two sounds together with her own made the moment feel more intimate.

It wasn't that bad being a demon, after all.

Then they lay in the sand and watched the night sky while holding hands. The sky had never looked so beautiful and even though she wouldn't mind staying outside the whole night, there was one more thing she missed seeing more.

"Zamiel, let's go home."

He looked at her. "You don't want to try other things?"

She shook her head. Not today. Getting back one memory today would be enough. She wanted to enjoy it for a while in case she got disappointed if she couldn't remember anything else.

"Some other time. I want to hear you read stories for our children tonight. They must be going to bed soon."

He smiled. "Yes. Let's hurry back."

They quickly went back home and changed into dry clothes before going to their children's room. Even though her body still ached when they ran to her, she picked them both up at the same time and kissed them.

"It is time to go to bed," she told them.

"No," Nadine protested, looking sad. She hated to sleep.

Eugene, on the other had never complained. He was calm, like his father, and he looked exactly like him with his dark hair and silver eyes. Nadine had her grandmother's brown hair and her father's golden eyes, but her personality was unique. She reminded her a little of her younger self. Bold and mischievous.

"Yes," Heaven said. "Don't you want to hear your father telling us a story?"

"They are not frightening. I like scary stories."

Heaven smiled. Her daughter was indeed unique.

"Alright. I will tell your father to scare us a bit if your brother is alright with it."

"I am not afraid." Eugene replied in a serious tone. "If a monster comes, I will slice him with my sword."

Heaven chuckled. "I know you will."

Nadine and Eugene liked to sleep on each of Zamiel's thighs as he read them a story. Heaven found that very endearing. Because of Zamiel she felt less guilty being busy all day sometimes knowing that Zamiel was there for their children. She was proud of him and proud of them.

When he finished reading they were already asleep. Picking them up slowly he lay them down and tucked them under the sheets.

"Thank you," Heaven said, watching him with admiration.

Zamiel looked at her questioningly. "For what?" He asked.

"For being a good husband and an even better father."

He looked down at their children with warmth and love in his eyes, "you went through a lot to bring them into this world. You gave me the best gift of life. This is the least I can do. It is my duty and my pleasure."

She smiled, "you always know what to say."

"As your loyal servant," He adapted a playful tone as he went around the bed to where she sat on the other end. "I can only say and do what pleases you."

He leaned down and picked her up. "How shall I please my queen tonight?"

"Any way you can and like," she smiled.

"That is in many ways, Your Majesty. It might take the whole night and maybe even the day after."

"Let's add all the nights after as well, dear husband." She whispered next to his ear.

"Oh, that is a promise." He said, carrying her away to their bed where they had another passion filled night. And outside the walls of the room awaited more discoveries and adventures as a full demon.