Chapter 384: Once an emperor, now an empress (finale)  

Although Lou Zigui was not welcomed by most at the Duke of Yue’s estate, his skin was thick enough that he hung around for half a month. During that time, First Young Master Lou visited once to inquire about his brother's injury and then talked to Ning Xiaoyao while carrying Ning Taosu. He didn’t give his brother another look.

First Young Master Lou’s health was still not considered very good, but his face had regained some colour. His elegant and handsome face was like eye candies for Ning Xiaoyao and Ning Taosu. In fact, they stared at him for so long that Lou Zigui’s face became as dark as ink.

Lou Jing sighed inwardly. Before, all his elder brothers including himself were worried about Lou Zigui’s cold temper and his reputation as the star of misfortune. They had no idea whether he could ever have a family of his own. However, now that their youngest brother had fallen for a lady, his personality had completely changed. Lou Zigui lacked moral integrity. He behaved shamelessly at his lady’s family home and relied on them to take care of him. Furthermore, he ate vinegar (aka got jealous) without any reasons. Lou Jing did not want to acknowledge this kind of younger brother.

“Taosu,” First Young Master Lou called out her name as he carried her.

Ning Taosu kissed his uncle’s face enthusiastically, her saliva dripping out like a puddle. Little miss fatty felt very good about herself and kissed Lou Jing incessantly.

"Who taught her this?" Lou Zigui couldn't help questioning Ning Xiaoyao. Who taught his unmarried daughter this bad habit? Whenever she sees First Young Master Ning, she would give him a kiss. The same thing happens whenever she sees Second Young Master Ning, Third Young Master Ning, Duke of Yue, and even the Dragon Guards. She would kiss all of them. Why does his daughter want to kiss those people? Shouldn’t it be enough to kiss only him?(o(╯□╰)o)


"I don't know ah! I don't have this bad habit. Who the hell knows who this fatty takes after?"

If she doesn’t take after her mother, then she must resemble her father. Lou Zigui looked at Ning Xiaoyao. He also doesn’t have this bad habit.

First Young Master Lou walked away with Ning Taosu in his arms. He could not stand his foolish brother. "Look," Ning Xiaoyao sighed as Lou Jing stepped out of the house. "Now even Big Bro Lou doesn’t want to pay attention to you."

Lou Zigui remained unmoved. He’s not going to leave until he wins his woman back.

Lou Jing only came to visit Lou Zigui once. Afterwards, he often came to Duke of Yue’s estate to play with Ning Taosu. Together with Ji Ze, they went to see the scenery of the southwest.

"How are these two brothers going to rule the world like this?" After a long time, Madame Li’s hair began to turn white from stress. Every day, she nagged at Duke of Yue, “Are you going to let Lou Zigui stay here forever?"


Duke of Yue was sullen. "I tried to get rid of him by scolding, but he is shameless. Plus, the Lou boy is injured. I can't attack him yet. What if I kill him accidentally?"

"I think Old Two is about to explode. If this drags on, he’s probably going to directly slaughter Lou Zigui."

When Duke of Yue thought about his second son going mad, his heart suddenly felt more calm. It is rare for a man to give Old Two a hard time.

The Duke of Yue couple weren’t the only ones who were worried. The entire Duke of Yue estate, with the exception of First Young Master Ning and Ning Xiaoyao, were waiting to see when Second Young Master Ning was going to kill Lou Zigui. If it weren't for Second Young Master Ning’s notoriety, all the people in the Duke of Yue estate would gamble when he would make his move.

To everyone's surprise, Second Young Master Ning wasn’t the one who ended up making the move. When Third Young Master Ning realized that Lou Zigui had stayed at their estate for a month, he stacked a pile of firewood outside Supreme Commander’s bedroom window and whispered to his manservants, "Later, Lou Zigui won’t be able to endure the smoke and will surely exit his room. When he comes out, carry him out of the estate."

Several little manservants sensed Third Young Master’s trick was unreliable. A little manservant spoke with a frowning and worried expression, "Third Young Master, we lowly ones are no match for him ah."

"He's injured," Ning Xiaoluo spoke as if he had a card up his sleeve, "Lou Zigui won’t be able to ward off your attacks. You can all rest assured."

The little manservants:... We can't rest assured.

Third Master Ning lit the firewood stack.

Since summer had just begun, it was sizzling hot. The fire started to burn immediately, but before the smoke can get to Lou Zigui, Ning Xiaoluo already failed to endure it. The air he breathed in was scalding. Ning Xiaoluo covered his mouth and nose and retreated. Suddenly, Third Young Master Ning felt that his idea might not be a good one.

The breeze picked up the sparks. While Ning Xiaoluo was retreating, his feet knocked over something and made a crashing sound. Third Young Master Ning hurriedly looked down and saw that he had kicked over a bucket of oil.

Third Young Master Ning: ...

The little manservants: ...

“Why did I bring a bucket of oil?” Ning Xiaoluo asked. The little manservants looked at their Third Young Master. We should be asking you, ah. There’s already firewood, why did you need a bucket of oil?

The oil spilt on the ground. The wind swept the sparks to the ground and a large fire enveloped the whole garden.

"Third Young Master, run quickly!" The little manservants couldn’t attend to their duties and carried the dumbstruck Ning Xiaoluo away.

Ning Xiaoyao ran to the front of the courtyard and immediately saw that the room was ablaze. Ning Xiaomu was next to Xiaoyao and immediately commanded, "Quick, put out the fire!" After giving the order, he immediately asked, "Has Lou Zigui come out yet?"

The people shook their heads.

"Ah!" Returning to her senses, Ning Xiaoyao issued a blood-curdling screech, "My Supreme Commander ah!" Ning Xiaoyao stormed directly into the fire.

When First Young Master Ning heard Ning Xiaoyao screaming ‘My Supreme Commander’ he knew in his heart that Lou Zigui would ultimately still be his brother-in-law.

When the conflagration started, the wounded Lou Zigui was sleeping soundly in his room. By the time he was awoken by the thick smoke, the whole room was ablaze. "Supreme Commander?" Ning Xiaoyao rushed inside the room. When Lou Zigui saw Ning Xiaoyao, he hurriedly dashed toward her.

The roof was starting to snap. Lou Zigui looked up at the beam and shouted at Ning Xiaoyao, "Xiaoyao!"

Ning Xiaoyao looked up and saw that the main beam had caught fire and began to crack in the middle. Lou Zigui rushed forward, holding Ning Xiaoyao. They fell to the ground and rolled to the side. The burning beams of the house smashed into the place where Ning Xiaoyao had just stood. Ning Xiaoyao’s hand felt sticky. The knife wound on Lou Zigui’s back had split open again. "Let's go." Lou Zigui pulled Ning Xiaoyao to leave.

The whole room was completely engulfed with smoke. Since Lou Zigui was holding onto her hand, Ning Xiaoyao could see he had lost a big part of its skin on the back of his hand.

"I can get out on my own. What are you doing here?" Lou Zigui couldn’t stop coughing due to the thick smoke, but he was still berating Ning Xiaoyao.

The eaves that caught fire also collapsed, with bricks raining down. Lou Zigui raised his arms subconsciously and protected Ning Xiaoyao in his arms.

"Xiaoyao?!" In the courtyard, First Young Master Ning’s anxious yell rang out. Ning Xiaoyao lifted her fist and smashed the wood to pieces. She picked Lou Zigui in a princess carry and dashed out.

Seeing that the building was about to collapse, Ning Xiaomu was about to storm into the fire as well. However, when he saw this scene, he was speechless. In fact, all the people who came to put out the fire were speechless. They had seen a man carrying a young lady like this before. However, it was their first time witnessing a girl carrying a man this way.

"It's all right," Ning Xiaoyao told Lou Zigui, "I'm here, there’s no need to be afraid."

The moment Ning Xiaoyao stopped speaking, rain unexpectedly fell. Lou Zigui was somewhat in a daze. Spring was over. Right now was the start of an early summer, yet rain drizzled in the setting sun. In the midst of a boiling cauldron of voices, Miss Ning told him that it was all right and not to be afraid, just like when they first met in the capital execution ground.

Ning Xiaoyao yelled, "Supreme Commander, how are you feeling ah?" Lou Zigui could smell the sweet scent of grass. Miss Ning was treating him again.

"You should be ok!" Seeing Lou Zigui paid no heed, Ning Xiaoyao’s eyebrows furrowed. Supreme Commander shouldn’t have inhaled too much smoke ah.

"I have reincarnated," Lou Zigui whispered. "Whaa?" Ning Xiaoyao didn't understand. They are not dead. Where would they reincarnate to?

Lou Zigui’s feet landed on the ground as he tightly embraced Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao still felt a lingering fear. If she was a step late, her Supreme Commander would have burnt to death ah!

"Marry me. If you want to leave, I'll accompany you anywhere, to all the mountains and rivers. If you want to stay, I'll give you the country as my betrothal gift. I’ll take you as my wife, Xiaoyao. Please don’t be mad anymore. Return to my side."

Ning Xiaoyao immediately sniffled. Lou Zigui lowered his head and kissed Ning Xiaoyao's lips.

Everyone in the courtyard:... Should they still put out the fire?

"Put out the fire," First Young Master Ning ordered. They can’t let the fire grow bigger and burn down the whole Duke of Yue estate because these two.


"You didn't burn anybody to death." Outside the courtyard door, Second Young Master Ning took a quick glance at Lou Zigui holding his baby sister. He turned his head toward Ning Xiaoluo. "You ended up putting them together instead."

"No!" Third Young Master Ning burst into tears. "This is not what I wanted!"

Second Young Master Ning glared at his stupid brother. "Second Brother!" Ning Xiaoluo rushed forward to hug Second Young Master Ning's big thigh. "Trust me, I want to get rid of that fellow!" Please don't beat me up!”

Second Young Master Ning grabbed Ning Xiaoluo like a small chick and icily stated, "I don't believe you."

That day, Third Young Master Ning, being the culprit of the fire, was ruthlessly dealt with by Second Young Master Ning. He went back to his room in the evening and cried in Ji Yuerong’s arms. Ning Xiaoluo could not understand why he was always out of luck no matter what happened at home.

Ji Yuerong looked at her husband’s unrecognizable face. After much thought, she couldn’t think of anything to say. He set fire to frighten Lou Zigui. Instead, he burned down the whole west courtyard. No ordinary person could commit such a deed.

"I don't approve Xiaoyao marrying Lou Zigui!" Third Young Master Ning yelled. Ji Yuerong did not want to talk to Ning Xiaoluo.


"Are you positive?" In the main courtyard, while the Ning Clan sat down together, Madame Li asked her daughter. Ning Xiaoyao nodded. She didn't want Lou Zigui to die. Her heart would beat irregularly the moment she imagines his death. Since she could not let him go, she would not let him go.

Lou Zigui knelt down in front of the Duke of Yue and Madame Li, requesting to marry Ning Xiaoyao, the Fourth Young Miss of the Duke of Yue’s estate. Duke of Yue groaned, then got up and left. His daughter was still swindled away by the Lou bastard.

"You want to be an emperor," First Young Master Ning asked Lou Zigui, "The emperor has a harem. How about you?" Lou Zigui solemnly swore, "With Xiaoyao as my empress, I will not have a harem."

“What if you can’t keep your promise?" Second Young Master Ning asked. "Second Brother can kill me at any time," answered Lou Zigui. Second Young Master Ning looked at his elder brother. "So, this matter is now settled?"

Ning Xiaomu got up and bent down to lift Lou Zigui from the floor. Then he patted Lou Zigui’s shoulder. Lou Zigui felt relieved. He turned his head to look at Ning Xiaoyao and smiled.

Ning Xiaoyao was starstruck by Lou Zigui’s smile. She already agreed! Why is he still using the beauty trap? (Author: You two are never on the same wavelength)

"What are your upcoming plans?" First Young Master Ning asked Lou Zigui. Lou Zigui’s smile vanished. He answered resolutely, "Eldest Brother, I'm going to send troops to invade the Northern Hu."

Ning Xiaomu nodded. The Northern Hu people had already attempted to invade the Central Plains twice. However, they returned in low spirits following their defeat. They had spent a lot of money and grain fighting the war. In the end, they got nothing and suffered heavy casualties. Now that the Northern Hu were seriously injured and their strength had greatly depleted, they would be foolish not to take advantage of their precarious situation.


Three months later, Lou Zigui ascended the throne as emperor and established Miss Ning of Fengzhou as his empress. The Northern Hu people sent envoys to bring congratulatory gifts. The biggest one of those was Xie Wenyuan's head.

Ning Xiaoyao sat in the Imperial Palace and looked at the decapitated head in front of her. Despite being a schemer, Xie Wenyuan did not figure out a good ending for himself. His head was chopped off like useless trash by Modou.

Ning Xiaoyao was once an emperor and now an empress. She looked up at Lou Zigui holding Ning Taosu. She got a husband and daughter, she didn’t waste her second life.

As emperor, Lou Zigui had vast plans and great aspirations to accomplish. The empress, Ning Xiaoyao, also had her own path to take. However, these two people will never separate again. Whatever coming next will be another new beginning.


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