Ouyang smiled and nodded, as he softly said, "Thank you, Director Jin."

Back then, when Ouyang Lai came to A City to help Su Ma

y bring harm to Lantau, it was all because of a moment of resentment. He wanted to see Li Yi.

After spending so much time with Li Yi, Ouyang also understood that he was too stubborn. He should let him go and let Li Yi go.

Some things had already changed. Even if they went back, they would not be the same as before.

The next day, the Lantau blood test came out. The index showed that everything was normal, and all the toxins in his body had been expelled. He only needed to recuperate for a short period of time and he would be able to recover.

Zhou Manzhen and Jin Beisen were in a great mood, there was nothing more important than Little Mo's good health.


Jin Beisan had deployed a well-rounded plan to send Lantau to the Jin Mansion, where he had recently left Jin Jiahe and Shi Huexi with the task of taking care of these two vicious women, Su Munyi and Zhong Ruxin.

Two days later, the news of Lantau's death was made public in the media, and the news spread like wildfire throughout A City.

However, the Jin family did their confidential work well, and no outsider was invited to the funeral in Lantau, only some of their closest family members went to offer their condolences.

Su Muniu was lying on a deck chair in the courtyard, basking in the sun. The afternoon sunlight reflected off her face, giving it a golden sheen.

She looked at the news of Lantau's death on her phone, and the smile on her face suddenly widened.

"It's good that he died. It's good that he died. After living for so long, he's still dead. Hahaha ??" Su Muniu's strange laughter came from the courtyard. Even in the sunlight, she seemed to have gone insane.


At this moment, Zhong Xinrui called.

Zhong Xinrui had just read the news and did not expect Lantau to die unexpectedly, but the Jin family did their job well, and the exact time of Lantau's death had not been revealed yet.

"Muni, I heard Lantau is dead. Is that true?" Zhong Xinrui asked with a calm tone, but there was an expression of doubt on her face.

"How should I know? But the news should be real, right? Jin Beisan wouldn't be so stupid as to use such a thing to deceive people. " The corners of her mouth curled up. She thought that she knew Jin Beisan very well.

"Yeah, how can you talk nonsense like that?" Zhong Xinrui bit her lips and felt that Su Mune's words made a lot of sense.

"After waiting for so long, he's finally dead. It seems like this Ouyang has been cooperating quite well, haha ??" Su Muniu smiled mockingly, her expression unable to conceal the joy in her heart.

"We should have died a long time ago. Little Rui, this is our chance. Are you ready?" Su Min's eyes narrowed as she spoke with a vicious expression.

Zhong Xinrui nodded, disapproving, "It's your chance, not mine."

"It's the same. We'll take our time and get what we want."

Zhong Xingrui paused for a moment, then said with a smile: "Are we going to the Lantau Island funeral?"

"Of course we have to go. How can we miss such an important occasion?"

"But ??" Can we get in? "

"How would we know if we don't try?" Su Ma

y smiled coyly, and his eyes became slightly complicated.

After inquiring, Su Ma

y learned that Lantau Island's funeral was being held in one of the best mourning halls in A City. After carefully dressing up, she hurried over to the location.

Jin Beisan, Jin Jiahe, Ye Junwen, and Jin Zhuwen were all present. Only Zhou Manzhen and Shi Huixi were not present.

The reason was that the two women were too sad, they cried until they fainted and rested at home.

There were layers of security guards at the entrance of the mourning hall. There were a bunch of entertainment records surrounding the entrance, but no one could enter.

Su Munyi and Zhong Xinrui were both dressed in luxurious clothing. Both of them wore black fur coats at the same time, giving off a very imposing aura. It was also very fitting to the occasion they were in.

The security guard glanced at Sumunie and Zhong Xinrui and immediately stopped them with a scowl.

"Big Brother Security, I'm Xiao Mo's godmother. Let me go in and see his last moments." Su Ma

y cried with a fake sincerity. There were still a few tears at the corner of his eyes that he had forcefully squeezed out.

"No one is allowed to enter without an invitation." The big brother security guard said coldly.

At this time, Jin Beisen just came out. He already expected that Su Mang would come and join in the fun, so he let people keep an eye on her at the door. The moment she appeared, she immediately came to inform him.

Unable to come to a conclusion, Su Muni did not give up.

Good, thought Jin, today is the day of your death.

"Northson, Northson, let me in." As soon as Su Ma

y saw Jin Beisheng, he immediately started shouting.

Jin Beisan stood in the cold wind with a haggard face. The stubble on his chin had not been shaved clean. However, his handsome face was as handsome as ever.

Jin Beisen walked in the direction of Su Ma

y, squinted his eyes and said, "Come in, last time."

Su Ma

y pursed his lips as he smiled proudly in his heart.

As he walked into the mourning hall and saw the picture of Lantau lying there, a chill ran through Sumouni's heart, as if a cold wind had just poured into her body.

However, she had no intention to repent. After all, she wasn't the one who developed the poison, so Ouyang Ziyun was the culprit.

Just as Su Ma

y thought of Ouyang, Ouyang suddenly appeared ??

Su Munyi was shocked. He saw Ouyang Shuo slowly walking towards them with two cups of water.

Zhong Xinrui was also frightened, she didn't know why Ouyang Ziyun would appear here, could it be that Jin Beisen forgave Ouyang Ziyun?

"Miss Su, let's have a cup of hot water. It's cold outside." Ouyang Ziyun was holding two cups of steaming hot water, and the corner of his mouth was brimming with an unfathomable smile.

Su Ma

y frowned slightly and was about to ask something, but Ouyang Ziyun shot a look at her, signalling her not to speak.

Zhong Xingrui and Su Muniu each took a sip of the boiled water that Ouyang Ziyun had given them. They never thought that the boiled water Ouyang Ziyun had given them would be poisoned.

This time, Ouyang Shuo's bacteria were three times more toxic than the time he gave Jin Beisan, and once a person consumed them, they would bleed out of their seven orifices and die in less than a week.

"Don't ask anything, I'll tell you later." Ouyang Ziyun let out a meaningful smile and thought to himself, Su Munie, Su Muniu, she really is a silly woman.

Knowing that there was a tiger in the mountain, he couldn't blame her for coming here to die.

"Beisan, where is Zhou Man?" Su Min held the cup of water and took another sip.

Jin Beisan stared at Su Muniu calmly and said with a sneer, "She's getting divorced from me."

"Ah?" Why would she want a divorce? "

"Isn't that just what you want?" Jin Beisheng spat out these words, his face was as cold as ice.

Su Ma

y i

ocently shrugged his shoulders and asked as he probed, "Then do you plan to divorce her?"

Jin Beisen was silent for a moment, then slowly opened his mouth and said, "Li ??" If she is unhappy by my side, I will let her go. I am also tired. "

"Bei Sen, I ??" Surprisingly, at this moment, Su Mauni was speechless, he felt that after not seeing Jin Beisan for only a few days, it was as if Jin Beisan had become a completely different person.

"Don't say anymore, I'm tired. You can leave after seeing Xiao Mo for the last time." Jin Beisheng was too lazy to continue talking to Sumoni, he thought, this was the last time he would talk to him, he had already done his best.

This woman had done too many bad things, she deserved to die!

After Lantau Island's funeral, Ouyang bought a plane ticket and left City A, never to return.

A week later.

An explosive piece of news exploded in A City. Su Mauni and Zhong Xinrui both died at home. Furthermore, their deaths were very tragic, with blood flowing from their orifices. It was said that they were both very terrifying.

Yu Jian was unwilling to accept this. He had asked for a medical examiner to examine him, but to no avail. There was a problem with the medical examiner's examination, so he could only shake his head helplessly.

Su Qingyan was unable to protect himself. He had been imprisoned because of the tax evasion.

All of the Su Clan's bank's property was frozen by the court. Three months later, Su Qingyan's case was heard and he was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Because of the death of his daughter, Su Qingyan felt too sad and donated all of his wealth to a charity. He could be considered to have made amends for Su Mubai's death and hoped that she would be a good person in his next life.

The situation of the Zhong family wasn't much better either. When Father Zhong heard the news of Zhong Xinrui's death, he fell off the bed in excitement. A stroke occurred in his head, and his mother was ten years older.

Seeing the fall of the two families that used to enjoy limitless glory in A city, Jin Beiseng's heart could be considered to have become more balanced.

Next year's New Year.

The streets were decorated with lanterns, and red lanterns were hung everywhere. The New Year atmosphere was very strong.

Jin Beisheng had a fireworks conference in City A and invested a lot of money in it.

"Mom and Dad, where are you going?" Lantau, dressed in a red down jacket, suddenly slipped out from behind the door and asked.

"Ah ??" Dad is taking Mom to see the fireworks. " Jin Beisen smiled and said, looking at his son with a doting expression.

"Mom and dad are bad, Little Mo is going too." Lantau was immediately displeased. Putting his hands on his hips, he pouted and said with a ferocious expression.

"Be good, Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo is staying at home with his grandparents to play with his little sister. Children shouldn't watch fireworks." A pretty smile appeared on the corner of Jin Beisen's lips, but his eyes were looking in a certain direction.

Shi Huixi was standing by the fireplace in a luxurious cashmere coat, holding a one-year-old baby girl in her arms, laughing extremely happily.

Lantau Island was a sister-con. The moment they heard Seventh Brother cry, they immediately flattered him and ran over.

Zhou Manzhen and Jin Beiseng both let out a sigh of relief, and took advantage of Jin's inattentiveness to leave the villa.

Beside the river, a luxurious cruise ship was already waiting for them.

"Director Jin, you're late! Fine, fine!" Wu Chen said with a smile, his arm around Qian Moli.

Naturally, Yu Chen and Qian Moli became a couple. Two months ago, Qian Moli gave birth to a big fat boy for Yu Chen. Yu Chen was ecstatic. This was the first time she came out to play after leaving the Moon Child.

"That's enough, you guys better not be so cheap as to act good. Hurry up and get on the boat." Jin Beiseng smiled and said, with a face full of pride as he hugged his wife and went on the cruise.

On the cruise ship, Yu Chen, Yu Ina, Ye Junwen, and Jin Zhuwen had all arrived. In order to make his friends happy, Jin Beisan had specially booked a luxury cruise ship.

"Wenwen, your favorite champagne." Zhou Manzhen said as he walked over to Jin Zhuwen with a smile while holding a glass of champagne.

Ye Junwen gracefully stepped forward to help stop Jin Zhuwen from drinking. He shook his head and said, "Sister-in-law, she can't drink right now. I'll drink."

"Could it be that there is one?" Zhou Manzhen immediately reacted and said with a pleasantly surprised face.

Jin Zhuwen shyly nodded, "Okay, I got it. My mom won't let me say it, I have to wait for three months before I can tell you."

"How can you be like my mom?" Wu Chen pouted as he spoke.

"Ah?" Nana, you have one too? " Zhou Manzhen was stupefied, looking at the two pregnant women on the cruise ship and Jin Beisan's wide-eyed stare.

"Yes, I have one too. It's not even three months yet, so I won't say anything." Yu Ina smiled shyly. She still had the bashful look of a young girl.

With the ringing of the New Year's bell, fireworks blossomed in the dark blue sky. Resplendent rays of light fell down, falling into the river like stars.

Zhou Manzhen felt as if she was in the middle of a sea of stars. She had always loved the stars, and today, Jin Beiseng had made her dream come true.

"Northson." Zhou Manzhen leaned into Jin Beisheng's arms, softly calling his name.

"What's wrong? Isn't the fireworks good? "

"No, it's very beautiful. You're also very beautiful." Zhou Manzhen narrowed her eyes. The light in her eyes was even brighter than that of a spark.

Someone once said, meeting you very late, the rest of my life is yours.

The book was over.