In the dimly lit private room, the smell of alcohol filled the air. Zhou Manzhen frowned in disgust as he did not like the atmosphere here.

Zhao Tianyu was wearing a limited edition suit that was custom-made, and his gestures emitted a sense of steadiness. However, the smile on his face was very evil, and as he raised the bottle, he poured her a glass of wine, and said maliciously, "Xiaochun, tonight you will accompany Wang Dong for a drink, he really likes talented girls like you. In a while, you go up and play a song, I promise you that you will win this business."

Zhou Manzhen raised her eyes and stared at the person in front of her with a complicated expression. She took the wine from his hand and drank it all in one gulp.

Zhao Tianyu was her boyfriend for three years. Now, he wanted her to drink with an old man that she didn't know. Her eyes trembled slightly as he held back his anger.

Zhao Tianyu saw through Zhou Manzhu's thoughts, and continued to smile, "Xiaochun, don't worry. With me around, nothing will happen." He patted his chest in assurance.

Zhou Manjun had just returned home, but she did not know much about the business of her family. Instead, it was her boyfriend, Zhao Tianyu, who had been working for the Zhou Group the entire time.


Zhao Tianyu told her that Wang Dong's business was very big and that as long as she could persuade him, he would be able to save the Zhou Group. Zhou Man could not bear to see her father's future being ruined, so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and come here.

The heavy metal instruments in the bar clashed, and the music was deafening. Looking through the door, the men and women on the dance floor were passionately twisting their bodies. Zhou Manzhu's heart trembled, and she grabbed Zhao Tianyu's hand.

Not long after, Wang Dong came. He was a rich person with a lot of business, and the most important thing was that he had a lot of money. It was said that Wang Dong liked beautiful women the most, especially women who could play the piano.

Wang Dong swaggered into the box. He was wearing a pink silk shirt with only a few strands of hair left, which filled Zhou Manzhen with disgust. She really did not want to stay here any longer.

"Hello, Wang Dong." Zhao Tianyu stood up eagerly and walked over to Wang Dong with a smile.

From the moment Wang Dong entered the private room, his lecherous eyes had never left Zhou Manzhen. He carefully sized her up, her skin was white and beautiful, she was gentle and demure, making people very happy.


"This must be Miss Zhou." Wang Dong took this chance to walk over to Zhou Manzhen's side and lustfully said. He reached out his fat hand towards Zhou Manzhen, wanting to hug her.

Zhou Manzhen exclaimed and hid behind Zhao Tianyu. She swallowed her saliva and said with eyes wide open, "Mr. Wang …"

"Little beauty, don't worry. I heard you can play the piano?" Wang Dong said with a cu

ing smile.

Zhou Manzhen held onto Zhao Tianyu's sleeve tightly and took a deep breath before replying, "Yes."

"Then go out and play one for me." Wang Dong stated his conditions in a loud voice.

Zhao Tianyu gave her a meaningful glance. Zhou Manzhu slowly walked out of the box, heading straight for the piano outside.

To Zhou Manzhen, today was a special day. It was not only related to the survival of the Zhou Group, but also the death of an old friend.

Ever since she was young, she had played the piano. However, after that car accident, it had been four years since she last touched the piano. She didn't know if she would be able to make a fool of herself tonight.

Dressed in a beige long dress, she elegantly sat on the zither stool. Lifting the zither lid, her slender and soft fingers gently pressed down on the piano, producing a beautiful prelude. It was just like the cautious mood a young girl would have when in love.

The audience below the stage was completely mesmerized by this. Zhou Manzhen thought that she could never play the zither again, only she knew that her fingers were trembling. "Star" was a song written by Zhou Manzhun when he was 15 years old, and it was for her best friend.

In a booth not far away, a man was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed. He had slender fingers and distinct joints. After hearing the zither music, he tightly gripped the glass glass in his hand as if he was about to crush the glass.

The yellowish liquid slowly flowed down from the glass and slid into the man's throat. He could feel a chill coming from his heart.

Suddenly, the man stood up from the sofa. His tall and straight body could be said to be perfect. His bony fingers pulled at his tie without restraint, and his entire body emitted a cold and gloomy aura.

After the song ended, Zhou Manzhen gracefully walked off the stage. His heart was trembling, and he didn't know whether Wang Dong was satisfied or not.

Jin Beisen pursed his lips, waved his hand, said to Uncle Zou with a lazy tone, "That's her."

Uncle Zou narrowed his eyes like a hawk in the night sky, his sharp and sinister gaze aimed at Zhou Manzhen as he walked down the stage. He indifferently said, "What do you want to do?"

"Wait and see." Jin Beisen said with a deep and unfathomable tone, his black eyes were slightly cold, making people unable to see through his thoughts.

Zhou Manzhen walked to Zhao Tianyu's side and clenched her fists tightly. She felt a thin layer of sweat on her back and felt weak.

At the side, Wang Dong clapped his hands and said with a loud laugh, "Miss Zhou is good with the zither, I like it."

Zhou Manzhu rolled her eyes at the bottom of her heart as she silently cursed, "You like it?" Like my ass. If it wasn't because of the Zhou family's business, I wouldn't have cared about you!

Wang Dong's fat pig reached out his hand towards Zhou Manzhen, wanting to wrap his arm around her waist. Zhou Manzhu nimbly dodged, and with an apologetic smile, he said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Wang. I want to go to the toilet first."

"Haha, go ahead. We'll wait for you in the room."

Zhou Manzhu was extremely disgusted in her heart as she cursed Wang Dong with all her might. She was very conflicted; Zhao Tianyu was her boyfriend. He wouldn't sell her out, would he? Why was she so upset? Zhao Tianyu did not react at all when he saw that Wang Dong had made a move on her!

"Director Jin, it's Director Wang." Uncle Zou was able to see that Zhou Manzhen and Wang Dong from the Wang Group were talking, and the corner of his mouth raised into a mocking smile.

He especially liked women who could play the piano. He did not know why, but the group of female students at the Music Conservatory basically got involved with him. He was generous, and paid a lot for breaking up.

"It seems like she won't be able to escape tonight." Jin Beisen's steady pouring of wine suddenly stopped, and he stood up from the sofa.

Uncle Zou did not follow him, he had a rough understanding of the meaning behind Jin Beisheng's words. From Jin Beisheng's appearance, it was clear that he was interested in that woman. His so-called calamity was definitely Zhou Manzhen's calamity.