Chapter 270: The Grand FinaleTherefore, she checked the information in advance and found out that there was a pregnancy hormone potion, so she asked Professor Wu to get a copy.

Although she could also get in with her age and health, pregnant women were obviously more valued and had more opportunities to come into contact with the core secrets of the research base.

Moreover, she didn’t know what kind of terrifying pregnancy process an unmarried woman had to go through… She almost didn’t dare to imagine how humiliating it would be.

She had to quickly investigate Phantom’s true goal and destroy that research base.

Mo Chi nodded with a heavy expression. He was already prepared. The various departments under him were already prepared to be on standby at any time. He had also begun to arrange his own personnel around the Litton River. If Qin Ran really encountered any danger…

He would do whatever it took to bring her back.

The two of them discussed some details of the plan.


This was the first time they had cooperated as the Demon King Fog and Beautiful Fox. It could be said that they had joined forces. In the cooperation, they had all felt the other party’s outstanding professional ability. Only then did Mo Chi know how powerful his lass was. Qin Ran also realized that she had really underestimated Mo Chi’s ability because of her prejudice.

After preparing everything, Qin Ran prepared to set off. She took the private plane prepared by Mo Chi and arrived at a small country around the Litton River.

Disguising her identity was already a common occurrence for Qin Ran. She had used two weeks to familiarize herself with the words and actions of the locals. She originally knew the language of Dart, but now, as long as she changed her voice slightly, she would be 90% like a local.

After a few more days, the civilian organizations recruited by Phantom finally began a new round of recruitment. This time, in order to attract more women to join them, they even invited a famous local priest to give a speech.

On the day of the speech, there were many people signing up. Qin Ran was squeezed out and finally managed to get a place to sign up.

After registering, she quietly waited at home for the day the agency would bring them away.


On this day, Qin Ran turned on her phone and was about to use the map to continue familiarizing herself with the terrain of the Fabrados’ residence when her phone suddenly showed that the security network had been attacked. Qin Ran was shocked and hurriedly turned on her computer to log in to check.

She checked the backstage operating program and saw the other party’s method of attacking her. She suddenly felt… a strange sense of familiarity.

Why was this person’s attack method so similar to hers? It was as if she had personally taught him!

Qin Ran calmed down and calmly cracked the other party’s attack program. Then, she began to follow the traces left behind by the other party.

She originally thought that the other party would at least erase some traces of the IP address or change the global server so that it would be difficult for her to track it down. However, she did not expect that the other party would not take any measures. She only checked and found a new account in Country Z.

Just as she was about to counterattack, the other party suddenly sent a message. “Sister!”

Qin Ran stood rooted to the ground as if she had been struck by lightning.

Her breathing quickened. Before she could respond, the other party sent another message. “I’m Qiqi!”

Qiqi isn’t dead… Qin Ran didn’t even react for a moment.

“Sister, why is your address in Country W?” Tang Qi sent a message anxiously. “I saw you in Country Z last time. Aren’t you in Country Z anymore?”

Qin Ran couldn’t remember when she had seen Tang Qi!

She quickly replied, “Qiqi, you’re still alive. That’s great. I… I’m so happy. I’ll tell you when I get back. I’m doing a mission.”

Tang Qi was sending a message. “What mission? Is it dangerous?” At the same time, there was a knock on the door outside Qin Ran’s residence.

The knocking on the door was a little hurried, indicating the other party’s impatience. Qin Ran immediately thought that it was very likely an agency member.

She didn’t have time to reply to Tang Qi. She immediately turned off the computer and cleared all traces. Then, she went over to open the door. When the other party saw her, he said impatiently, “Why are you so slow? Hurry up and leave.”

Qin Ran lowered her head and pretended to be timid and nervous. “Okay.”

She took her simple luggage and left with the agency personnel. Before she left, she glanced at the computer with tears in her eyes.

There was no better news than that Qiqi was still alive.

However, they met at such a moment. She was about to rush into an unknown desperate situation. She didn’t even know if she could come back alive.

Before boarding the agency’s ship, Qin Ran looked at the dark blue night sky.

—She must do her best to come back alive.