Chapter 134  

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The failure of his ability advanced from controllable to uncontrollable in only a very short time. When he realized, this situation had completely gotten beyond Gu Huai’s control.

Gu Huai had relied on sleep to recover from the adverse conditions from using his power that occurred in his body, but later this coping method became less effective, a drop in the bucket.

The drowsiness was the instinctive reaction of the body when coping with exhaustion. In order not to worry Noah and the other sub-rules, Gu Huai later concealed his situation.

Seeing the youth finally recovering slowly, the world wills from thousands of worlds were very happy. It was the most important thing for them that the youth could be well.

“When Ah Huai gets better, Chu Chu wants to take Ah Huai to this world.” Noah raised his hand and pointed to a relatively inconspicuous world in the image. Then he lowered his head and kissed the youth’s face, squinting slightly like a big cat that had been rubbed.


The world referred to was actually a gift prepared by Noah together with the other sub-rules. Among the myriad worlds, this world was actually the most beautiful one, although it looked insignificant now.

There was no war in the world. The creatures nurtured by the world got along harmoniously, and flowers that the youth liked grew everywhere.

Going to other worlds was something Gu Huai never thought of before, because he was used to staying in the highest dimension.

After being kissed on the cheek, Gu Huai turned his eyes to Noah, who kissed him on the cheek. He hesitated on how to respond to the question, but under the serious gaze of the other, Gu Huai finally lowered his head gently. “Hmm.”

Since he clearly knew what he couldn’t do. In fact he shouldn’t have promised to do it. His promise gave hope to the other and would disappoint him. That was a very bad behavior.

At this moment, the young man motioned for him to lower his head slightly. Noah did so, and then the youth pecked him softly. Although the youth only kissed his cheek lightly, the soft touch made Noah narrow his eyes even more.


The youth would get better soon. The supreme rule, who embraced the youth from behind with a cold face, was now more like a dragon hiding its beloved treasure in its cave, with an extraordinarily contented posture.

But the more so, the more Gu Huai loathed giving up.

He couldn’t bear to leave, nor could he imagine what would happen to the other after he left.

Maintaining cover had become more and more difficult for Gu Huai. If the final result of the failure of his ability was only his own death, Gu Huai could accept that all things eventually died, even he was no exception. But the problem was that the cost of things was far more than that...

Gu Huai actually found a way to solve the problem before the extent of his exhaustion was beyond his control. However, this method was worth nothing to him.

Wiping out all the “rules” he had created, and taking back all the forces that held on to the rules. If Gu Huai did so, he could successfully stop his own demise and let himself survive.

No matter how possible it was to do this, Gu Huai completely rejected this method from the beginning.

But if he died, the “rules” would also die, and the situation before Gu Huai was almost a dead end.

What could he do to let the rules he had created... his family continue to exist. Gu Huai found the only way out of dealing with his death.

He needed someone who could take his place.

The worlds had different levels. Below the highest level was first level worlds. In this type of world, under extremely harsh and accidental conditions, there would be some people whose abilities reached the critical value limited by the world. These people could reach the most basic condition to take over his position.

It was of course not enough to reach the most basic conditions, they must be able to pass a higher level of screening to confirm that the person had the qualification to enter the highest realm.

The exhaustion of his ability could not be stopped. In a very limited time, Gu Huai arranged everything with his remaining strength.

Hiding from Noah and the other sub-rules, Gu Huai set up a test level for the future successor, based on many worlds. He dubbed the test “King’s Game”.

The man who won the game through trials would become the “king” and gain 30% of his reserved power to replace him as the new ruler of the highest palace and the new manager of thousands of worlds.

The “King” had the ability to create rules. It was perfectly reasonable that the second king who took over his position would create new rules, but on one point Gu Huai had imposed hard restrictions on his future successors.

He allowed the second king to create new rules, but did not allow the other to erase any old rules. This restriction was hidden, but from the moment the other took part in the game, this restriction would be quietly engraved on the soul of the other.

Even if the other successfully passed the final test, if he touched this limit, the other would be disqualified on the spot.

It was not easy to select a successor who met all the requirements. It might take a long time. Before the successor appeared, the existence of “rules” needed to be maintained with strength. Apart from 30% of the power to be handed over to the successor, Gu Huai left all the power of his last remaining order to the rules he created.

The force of this order would only dissipate for no apparent reason if it remained on him. It was better to extract all of his power in exchange for a chance to continue the existence of things that were valued by him. That was also the last thing Gu Huai could do for the latter.

The King’s Game required a supervisor and adjudicator, and Noah was the one he had chosen, which of course also included Gu Huai’s selfishness. If there were several eligible participants in a short period of time, Gu Huai put the power of choice in Noah’s hands, allowing the other to choose according to his wishes.

On the whole, Gu Huai hoped that the second king, who would eventually become his successor, would be better to the things he valued and had no other requirements.

The arrangements would be conveyed to all the first-level worlds when he disappeared, and also to all the “rules”. On the day when the last thing was arranged, Gu Huai stayed alone in the bedroom hall on the grounds that he wanted to rest alone.

All the forces that could be extracted were extracted, and Gu Huai felt the gradual disappearance of his own existence at the moment of finishing the final arrangement.

Reluctant to give up... But there was no better choice. Gu Huai turned his head to look at a small flower placed beside his pillow. He also promised the person who sent him the flower that they would go to a certain world together.

Knowing that he would renege on his promise, Gu Huai still could not help agreeing at that time.

Was it lonely to stay in the highest realm for a long time? Gu Huai had not been clear about the answer to this question, but now that his existence was about to disappear, he understood.

It could be said that it was and it wasn’t.

Loneliness had happened when he did not know the word yet, but by the time he did, Noah fluttered in front of and behind him every day like a cub. At that moment, even if he knew what loneliness was, the other gave him no chance to feel it

What was it like to be pursued firmly and enthusiastically by a person? Gu Huai actually felt that his heartstrings were touched slightly when he always saw his reflection in those beautiful pale golden eyes.

If the worlds were destroyed, his sub-rules would not be affected. However, the opposite result was different. If the sub-rules died out, the worlds would collapse and be destroyed.

In the communication arranged by Gu Huai, he only attached part of the truth, such as telling Noah that his ability was failing, and explaining that this matter would lead to the destruction of many worlds, so he had to find a replacement, etc.

As for the real reason, Gu Huai kept silent.

“Chu Chu.” His body became translucent. Gu Huai blinked at this moment and said the nickname he had given his lover in a half-joking way. At this moment, the corners of his eyes slightly bent unconsciously.

The other’s nickname was especially cute, Gu Huai had always liked it.

It was like he sensed the voice of the youth. At this time, the cold figure quietly waiting in the center of the hall moved. Noah looked in the direction of the bedroom.

He was his favorite treasure.

Affirming this idea, Noah continued to gaze at the door and waited quietly in this place.

But this time, Gu Huai didn’t wait.

No wait, nothing, this time, the youth didn’t even leave him any direction to pursue.

“Ah Huai...?” Where did he go? Why did he disappear? He turned a deaf ear to the message he received. Noah searched every corner of the supreme palace over and over again.

Why not—

No matter how far back the youth left him, Noah would not hesitate to pursue as long as he could see.

Even if the youth would not look back at him once, nor would he bend his eyes and smile at him once, he would still catch up and say to the youth that he liked him many times.

This was what he was destined to do when he opened his eyes and saw the youth at the first sight.

In order to protect the worlds, the youth sacrificed himself in advance. The sub-rules of the worlds thought so after listening to what the youth conveyed, and they had no sense of joy for the other residents.

Why should the safety of these worlds be exchanged with youth? For the first time since the long time of managing the worlds, the sub-rules of the world had the idea of discarding all the worlds they managed, especially the first level worlds.

The youth was more important than the worlds, all the sub-rules had the same thought. To put it more bluntly, there was no comparison between the worlds and the youth. They managed the worlds only because they wanted to make the youth happy and for him to see more beautiful things.

If it were not for the sake of the worlds, the youth would not have sacrificed himself in advance. Perhaps he would have found a way to solve his problem in the remaining time. This idea alone was enough to make each sub-rule feel disgusted with the world it managed.

But they couldn’t do so, because these were the things that the youth wanted to protect.

As the trial supervisor and adjudicator chosen by the youth, Noah had the power to add additional rules to the game. Noah added only one rule, that was, no matter what kind of deviation occurred in the world, it would not be counted as an abnormal situation, except for the case of harming the sub-rules.

The youth gave Noah extremely high power in the setting of trials in order to prevent his successor from being bad to the old ‘rules’, but the development of everything was obviously not as expected by the youth.

Noah threw all the players of the game into a world of nightmarish difficulty. If there were several especially tenacious resistance, then he let the sub-rule of the world make some changes to the world they were in.

Xia Zuo was one of the original participants. After he had passed through two worlds, Noah personally cut off all the chances for the other to survive in the world.

The former was aware of this attack, but Noah never intended to hide it. All his actions conformed to the rules of the game and there was no need to hide it.

Believing that he was not strong enough, Noah underwent a qualitative change in the long period of time and all participants were judged unqualified by him.

This was a change, Noah’s ability became strong enough to break through the limit of the highest realm. He had since become a completely independent existence, and the other sub-rules of the worlds could follow Noah and continue to exist.

The seat in the center of the Supreme Hall was reserved for the youth. They did not need another “King”. During the game, all the world wills of the worlds acquiesced to Noah’s behavior, and they were very happy to help Noah eliminate the participants of the game.

“Chu Chu wants a birthday present.” Standing next to the empty seat in the center of the hall, the owner of the cold figure uttered this sentence in a low voice.

In the distant past, he once received a very precious birthday present, but he lost this precious treasure and could not find it no matter what.

This behavior had resulted in Noah’s habit of searching the worlds endlessly. He looked at the images of thousands of worlds just like the youth did at the beginning.

Speaking of birthday gifts, Noah remembered that his understanding of the word “birthday” came from a world called the earth, and he was now observing the world.

This was just a low-level world. All creatures in this world were just ordinary creatures without any supernatural ability. Due to various factors, there was basically no possibility for a ‘human’ living in this world to break through the world limit.

It was a very common world with little brilliance. After observing it, Noah concluded this about the world.

There was nothing worth observing. Noah was going to simply filter and rummage through the world. However, when he caught a glimpse of a figure, Noah abruptly froze.

The dark-haired youth with beautiful eyes was working, and his face was slightly flushed after yawning. Later, the youth put his head down on his arm.

This figure formed all the colors of the world in Noah’s eyes in an instant, and he could no longer move his eyes.

Watching this figure, Noah saw his destiny again.

Throwing his split soul into several worlds, Noah arranged the testing place for the youth together with the joyful sub-rules.

They would take the youth home. It was with this in mind that Noah “appeared” in front of the youth.

“Welcome to King’s Game.”

To be able to wait was a very happy thing, because it meant that the person he loved still had the possibility of coming back.

This was one thing Noah understood after a long time.

The world and him, the youth chose the world, Noah thought so. However, if he were to make a choice, Noah would not hesitate to abandon these worlds for the sake of youth.

In the first world experienced by the youth, Noah made a completely different cry from other Zerg cubs when he came out of his egg.

“Chu, Chu...” The silver tail behind him was slightly tilted, this Zerg cub with its round pale golden vertical pupil looked around.

He was here.

“Chu!” Instinctively chirping, the Zerg cub subconsciously seemed to remember someone calling him this.

Here it was. The Zerg cub made a sound to make the man it imagined hear it. Maybe the man would come and look for it when he heard the sound.

When other hissing Zerg cubs appeared, a Zerg cub with a small silver tail and pale golden eyes in the cold cave went back and forth looking for something. “Chirp...”

However it dared not go too far, because it was afraid that the man would not find it when he came back.

In the last world that the youth had just experienced, the same humanoid weapon named Noah asked the youth at the last moment to choose him. The youth had doubts about this request, and Noah was very clear about it.

But no matter how many times the youth chose the worlds and abandoned him, he also...

His thoughts failed to continue. Before Noah’s eyes, the youth finally reappeared in the seat where his eyes were fixed.

At this moment, the youth on the seat suddenly stood up and approached the cold figure who was watching him silently.

The soft touch on his lips made Noah stiffen slightly. However, in less than a second, he immediately reached out and firmly embraced the youth who came close to him, in a way that would not make the latter feel uncomfortable but could never break free from.

At the same time, having learned that the youth had finally returned home, the myriad worlds had become extremely lively in an instant. All the world wills were excited about this.

“Silly Chu Chu...” His voice was filled with some helplessness. He had retrieved the first king’s memory, so Gu Huai now also almost understood what Noah had said to him in the last world.

Gu Huai chose the latter over the worlds and the things he valued, but he could not let the others know the truth at that time, because it would probably make the things he valued self-destruct.

Miracles occurred twice. First, he did not die out completely after losing his ability. Second, Noah found him in over thousands of worlds, in a world which had become insignificant in theory.

The youth wanted to open his mouth to explain this misunderstanding, but since the moment he spoke, he was hugged by this cold figure. Noah lowered his head and kissed on his lips, and pressed him down directly onto the throne in the center of the hall.

This was not a one-sided feeling. He could clearly feel the youth’s response to him. Noah narrowed his eyes slightly.

His perception of “beautiful” was due to the person in front of him.

His understanding of “beloved” was due to the person in front of him.

“Chu Chu likes Ah Huai.”

From the beginning of conformity to the end of everything.


Ah, the End.

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