Chapter 1: Prologue  

“Become stronger! In this world, those who are weak will die!”

Who was it?

A vicious battlefield.

The last words a man gave me before dying. My whole body trembled after hearing those words. I couldn’t remember the name of the man but the words he spat out was still a vivid memory.

years old.

After being thrown into the battlefield, I only sought to live. The enemies didn’t care that I was young. They would cut my throat if they had the chance.


So I was more desperate. I only thought about protecting my life. I carried the weapons left behind by the corpses and disciplined myself.

I watched those fighting from a ditch. Playing dead to survive on the battlefield and chewing on the flesh of isolated enemies.

A young demon living alone in an unkind place like the Demon World. The Demon World was always at war so I was always in the centre of the battlefield.

Time passed.

My vision expanded and my steps became faster. Like one of those mountain like fellows I used to look at, I wasn’t weak anymore.

Most demons were no match for me. Instead they started to avoid me. I cut the throat of numerous enemies on the battlefield.


Thus I climbed to the seat of Earl.

Nobility. They were absolute beings that reigned at the top of the pyramid.

I didn’t feel any sensation of pleasure. The Demon World was for the strong. All strong demons had a right to that position. It was natural for a strong person to occupy that seat.


This wasn’t enough to satisfy me.

Insufficient. I was thirsty.

The Demon World’s 12 Dukes and 4 Grand Dukes. They were my real targets.

And if they fell...I could sit in the vacant devil’s seat. My dream was to sit on that seat and laugh while no one can disobey me.

Over time, I became quite famous in the Demon World. I made a name as a powerhouse.

My confidence and arrogance grew.

I realized that there was another sky. I challenged the Demon World’s 4 Grand Dukes.

But they were really strong. For the first time, I realized what a large difference there was.

I evaded their eyes after losing the battle. So I hid my body in a remote area.

“Are you Randalph?”

A bleak land. It was a place where no signs of life could be seen. It was the first time someone had come here in days.

I was hostile to the man who spoke. And the man laughed.

“I am the devil Death Bringer.”


I was lost for words. I’ve never met any devils but I had certainly heard of the name Death Bringer.

“Randalph. Randalph Brigsiel. I’m going to give you a chance. The last chance to be a devil!”

“You are crazy.”

I spat out bitterly. The self-proclaimed devil was discussing himself. Even a dog passing by would laugh. But that didn’t stop him from continuing.

“From now on, you are a player in a game I created of this world’s destruction. More land, more humans being exterminated! Depending on the results, you might be able to become a devil. If you become the strongest in the Demon World then you will be able to take that glorious position.”


I had to swallow my saliva. What a sweet word. I didn’t completely understand the game but that one word fully captured my attention.

I might’ve failed but I still hadn’t lost my dream. I had continued training in order to once again challenge the Grand Dukes.

“Of course, you also have the opportunity to refuse.”

The man looked at me with a smile full of cynicism.

“I have to ask this annoying thing. Now, what will you do? Nod if you want to be a devil. Conversely, if you shake your head then I will disappear.”

The man looked at my head.

I couldn’t see a dare in his eyes. The moment his eyes lingered on me, I felt like my body was stripped naked. I couldn’t move like my entire body was in the clutches of a Leviathan.

I couldn’t speak empty words. I never felt such a great presence from the Grand Dukes. All I could do was nod. And my mind became easy again once I nodded.

Yes. There was no other option. So!

* * *

When I came to, I was in a huge cave.

And the result was that I couldn’t become the devil.

Of course, it was normal for things to be cut off in the process. I have no intention of reciting my long history of defeat.

The last war ended with the destruction of the earth and the devil was determined. Only the Demon World survived and Ariel ascended to the throne.

No...I might be alive but I would die soon. I’ve lost both arms and legs. In the end, I tried to solve everything alone and was greatly injured. I realized the limits of being alone far too late.

“Like a bug. Your survival instinct surpasses most demons.”

The Grand Duke Ariel had told me with hate filled eyes.

I laughed bitterly. If I had a chance to survive. I would find the time to become stronger. That’s how I managed to survive until now.

But that seemed to have ended. My powerful survival instincts just led to my death.

It was up to here? In the end, wasn’t I just a stepping stone for the devil?

Dammit. If I was given the opportunity again. Give me one more chance!

Just as I was welcoming death. A white light covered me. I was confused for a moment but I was able to know the identity of the light.

It was the essence of the gods that lost.

The planet Earth had become the arena for the demon competition. There were gods defending those places.

Humans rejected them due to the rapid development of science but the lost gods still loved them.

They told me a very long story. I didn’t respond to it but I could understand one thing. Immediately after the story ended, I arrived on earth and a woman nodding was visible.

The moment the bright light completely soaked into my body.

-Occupation: Demon Earl (Dungeon Master) has been updated.

-The dignity of an Earl! 200,000pt will be paid.

-An atrocious number of mana has been concentrated!

A very large force is being constrained.

-The Beginner’s Protection Period (240 days) has been applied.

-A high level creature will randomly be summoned on the 1st floor of a dungeon.

This creature will disappear after the Beginner’s Protection Period ends.

Be careful! The creature summoned at random won’t listen to the command of the Dungeon Master.


I was able to return safely to the past.