Chapter 203: What goes around comes around (The End)>

“A long, long time ago, there was a poor developer.”

Choi Gichul and Jung Jinsup’s eyes widened at Woosung’s words.

“One day, that developer took his chances and left his job for a new opportunity.”

Choi Gichul interrupted him.

“Sir, everyone knows the story of how you started. It’s a famous story.”

Woosung ignored him and continued, “He then got into the cryptocurrency business. He worked night and day. It was hard, but he could endure all the hardships because of his hope and goal to become successful.”


Woosung took a sip of his drink.

Jung Jinsup asked anxiously, “P, president Kang, what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the past.”

“Past? Whose past?”

Choi Gichul signaled Jung Jinsup to be quiet. He wanted to hear this.

However, Jung Jinsup ignored him and continued.


“I am innocent. Choi Gichul made me do it. You know me, Woosung. I am very loyal to you.”

Choi Gichul frowned. “You bastard! What are you talking about?”

“I am really innocent. I only followed your instructions, Woosung.”

Choi Gichul’s expression turned ugly at Jung Jinsup’s confession.

“Y, you…”

Choi Gichul turned to Woosung who was drinking silently.

Woosung continued, “Where was I? Oh, yes. That developer worked very hard for his goal. Then one day, he realized the company he worked for had a problem. This was the beginning of the tragedy. He wondered if he should ignore it or report it.”

Choi Gichul asked, “President, is Jung Jinsup telling the truth?”

Woosung again ignored it and continued, “When asked, his bosses told him to let it go. The developer felt anxious, nervous, and angry. He was anxious he wouldn’t be able to accomplish his goal. He was angry that he has worked so hard for nothing.”

Choi Gichul screamed, “President! I am asking you if you really ordered Jung Jinsup to do those things!”

Woosung took another sip and murmured, “Great whiskey.”

“I won’t let you get away with it.”

At Choi Gichul’s threat, Woosung grinned.

He continued, “There was nothing the developer could do. One night, he attended a company party. The first part was at the steak restaurant.”

This sounded very similar to the night they were having. Choi Gichul stood up in anger.

“Sit down.”

At Woosung’s quiet order, Choi Gichul had no choice but to sit. He knew who was in charge.

“After the restaurant, the party continued at a bar. The developer drank so much there. Do you know what happened after?’

Obviously, they didn’t know. They just stared at Woosung silently. Woosung took another sip and replied.

“Haha, of course, you wouldn’t know. It makes sense. It would be strange if you knew.”

Jung Jinsup asked anxiously, “President Kang, what are you talking about…”

Was Kang Woosung going crazy?

Woosung continued, “It’s just a story about a long time ago. Just listen.”

Jung Jinsup quieted. Choi Gichul just looked at Woosung without a word.

“The developer promised to let it go. All he asked was for his bosses to fix the situation. The developer wanted any embezzled money to be returned as if nothing happened. At the end of the night, it was finally time for the developer to go back home. However, the problem starts here. What would be the right thing for these bosses to do? Think carefully before you answer. It’s a multiple-choice question.”

Woosung raised his finger.

“Number one. Kill the developer since he knows the company secret. Number Two. Do as the developer asked. Now, you answer.”

Jung Jinsup said quickly, “O, of course, the answer is number two.”

“How about you, President Choi?”

Choi Gichul answered carefully, “Shouldn’t it be number two?”

Woosung raised his voice, “You’re wrong! Come on, guys!”

Several men came in and started to hook up Choi Gichul and Jung Jinsup to wires. Afterward, Woosung asked, “Is your name Choi Gichul?”



The word appeared on the screen in front of them.

“Do you belong to Daeyang?”



“What did you do at Bit Trading?”



Woosung finally asked the same question again.

“Now, what would you do to that developer who knows the company secret?”

“Number two.”



Woosung laughed. “The machine says you’re lying. What do you think?’

“The machine is lying.”

“You called me recently and told me that one of the men from Daeyang security team lied to you.”

When Woosung ordered, a man was dragged into the room. Choi Gichul’s eyes widened.

“P, please save me. I just followed orders.”

The man was begging. Choi Gichul glared at him.

“Daeyang’s, or perhaps your personal, cleanup member, right?”

Woosung ordered again and another man walked in.

“And this is the leader of the Daeyang security team. I knew him from the past.”

It was the man. The man who was supposed to drive Woosung home, but didn’t.

Woosung continued, “Such a loyal employee who would kill for you! I can’t believe you doubted him!”

Choi Gichul stammered, “K, kill! What are you talking about?”

“Choi Gunwon and Choi Gitae! I have clear proofs. Do you still deny it?”

Choi Gichul stood up quickly.”

“That is… I…”

“You will be found guilty of at least a second-degree murder or an accomplice to a murder.”

Choi Gichul lowered his voice and asked, “What do you want? Why are you doing this to me?”

“What I want…”

Woosung stared at Choi Gichul.


Was this enough? Woosung asked himself.

He asked Choi Gichul, “What I want is an honest answer. If you answer honestly, it might help your situation.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Do you really think that developer must have died?”

Choi Gichul nodded.

Woosung asked, “Why?”

“Because he knew the boss’s weakness.”

“But was it really necessary? Daeyang was so powerful. One developer wouldn’t have been able to do much damage against such a huge corporation.” Woosung shook his head.

Choi Gichul murmured, “Ironically, Daeyang lost everything now.”


“Will you let me go now?”

“It’s a different world now. Everyone is on my side. I will let you go today, but the prosecutors will be visiting you soon.”

Choi Gichul closed his eyes. Woosung turned to Jung Jinsup.

“As for you, you will have to deal with the loan sharks.”

“B, but President Kang!”

“You broke our promise.”

Jung Jinsup became red as he yelled, “I won’t let you get away with this!”

Woosung’s bodyguards frowned.

Woosung continued, “You do whatever you want. It will only make things worse for you.”

Woosung threw an envelope at Jung Jinsup. Inside were photos of Jung Jinsup with various women.

“T, these are…”

Woosung said to him coldly.

“I have much more on you so think carefully before you do anything stupid.”

Then he left.


Woosung couldn’t sleep. He watched the sunset.

“Am I almost there?”

He was the CEO of a giant business empire. Choi Gichul was being investigated while Jung Jinsup was in trouble with the loan sharks.

Everything happened all in four years.

Woosung was so tired. He felt weak.


He sighed deeply. He felt relieved. When he tried to get some sleep, there was a loud noise outside the door.

“Hey, open the door! This is the Vice president.”


“Hey, Woosung! Woosung! Why won’t you answer my calls? Open the door! What happened?”

It was Jang Gwangchul. It had been already a week since he met with Choi Gichul and Jung Jinsup that night. Woosung hadn’t left his house since then. He needed time to think.

Woosung raised his hand and got his bodyguard to open the door. Jang Gwangchul burst in.

“Hey! Why won’t you answer my calls? I thought something bad happened!”

Woosung smiled. “I just needed time to think.”

“About what?”

“This and that. Didn’t you say to take time off from time to time?”

“But you need to answer my calls!”

“Haha, I’m fine. It’s all good.”

Jang Gwangchul sighed, “This isn’t the time to be lazy. The government accepted your proposal. The top 30 companies in the country will be audited.”

“Alright. Let’s go. We begin again.”

Woosung stood up. Jang Gwangchul and the bodyguards followed him.

It looked like the march of a King.