First meeting (2)

Gu Chu would not go against money.

As long as the money was in place, she could cripple anyone.

After accepting Mr. Mo’s order, Gu Chu bought a train ticket to Nancheng that very night and checked in at a hotel near the Nancheng group. Mr. Mo seemed to be interested in her and followed her.

Gu Chu did not resist Mr. Mo’s approach. The employer was worried about her skills, so it was reasonable for him to want to come and take a look. What’s more, the hotel accommodation and daily meals were all provided by Mr. Mo, the financial backer.

“Mr. Mo, why do you keep staring at me?” Gu Chu was adjusting her modified computer in the hotel. She could always feel this gentleman’s probing gaze.

It was somewhat fiery.


Gu Chu knew that she looked cool in men’s clothes. She was used to showing off in men’s clothes. Even though she was unkempt now, she was confident that she could attract the attention of rich women just by wearing pajamas.

However, Gu Chu felt uncomfortable when Mr. Mo stared at her. She was very suspicious that this extremely gentlemanly-looking Mr. Mo was probably even more gay than a mosquito.

“Have you ever been in love?” Mr. Mo asked slowly.

Gu Chu was speechless.

‘F * ck, sugar daddy really has ideas about me.

Gu Chu thought for two seconds and answered sincerely, ” “If you want me to answer a personal question, you’ll have to pay more,”


Mr. Mo smiled elegantly and didn’t say anything else. Many years later, when Gu Chu recalled their meeting, she could finally understand why Mr. Mo was staring at her. After all, Gu Chu was the female lead of a high-end literary book. Mr. Mo probably found it strange and could not help but look at her a few more times, like a monkey in a circus.

Gu Chu was paid to do things for others and quickly found out the Nancheng group’s background. He had chosen a rainy night to hack into the system at night.

Before she got to work, Gu Chu stretched her back and rubbed her rumbling stomach. She immediately went to the self-service supermarket downstairs to buy a bowl of Laotan pickled cabbage beef noodles. There were no other customers in the late-night supermarket. Gu Chu hesitated for a minute between Laotan pickled cabbage beef noodles and braised beef noodles before finally choosing Laotan pickled cabbage.

The instant noodles in his hand fell to the ground and rolled in a 720-degree circle before landing beside a pair of black Martin Boots.

“Brother, help me pick it up.” Gu Chu still had a few bags of snacks in her arms and could not bend over.

Looking up from the black Martin Boots, she saw a pair of long black pants wrapped around a pair of slender legs. Further up was a light gray coat. The man had a cigarette in his mouth, and his indifferent expression was revealed from his cold face.

The man did not help to pick up the instant noodles and only looked at Gu Chu indifferently. In his eyes, Gu Chu was probably a high school boy who sneaked out of an internet cafe in the middle of the night to eat. She had a strange taste and was wearing an ugly pink nightgown.

The man took a bottle of yogurt from the supermarket shelf and left without looking back.

Gu Chu stared at his back and the corners of her mouth twitched. “She has a bad temper and a good face.”

She bent down with great effort to pick up the Lao tan pickled cabbage beef noodles and returned to the hotel with bags of snacks. That night, in the midst of the aroma of instant noodles, she hit the keyboard and attacked the Nancheng group’s system.

As expected, she met a strong opponent.

It was Chen Si-the guest invited by the Nancheng group.

Gu Chu was the kind of person who would become braver the more he was defeated. He took a mouthful of instant noodles and stepped on the bed barefooted, playing chess with Chen Si across the air. After fighting for five to six hours, the dark sky began to show signs of morning light, and the city began to experience morning.

They had been fighting for an entire night.

Gu Chu had failed to break through the Nancheng organization’s firewall, and Chen Si had also failed to find any traces of her.

“It’s quite interesting.” Gu Chu gulped down the last two mouthfuls of instant noodle soup. The cold liquid slid down her lungs, and she deeply remembered Chen SI’s name.

After thinking for a while, Gu Chu changed her route and tried to find a way to get Chen SI’s information. Chen Si was a semi-public figure, so it was impossible for him to hide his traces. Without much effort, Gu Chu found Chen SI’s photo.

At first glance, he looked familiar.

Looking again, wasn’t this the man in gray from last night? The one who refused to help pick up the instant noodles?

Gu Chu quickly browsed through his information and was very emotional. This was the legendary tall, rich, and handsome man. When God created Chen Si, he didn’t close the door or the window. He gave him all his IQ and EQ. He had money and power. He became a prosecutor at a young age, and his future was more brilliant than 24k aluminum alloy.

Just as Gu Chu was lamenting about God’s unfairness, the hotel doorbell rang.

It shouldn’t be Mr. Mo, as he had left last night. She should not be a hotel cleaner either, so Gu Chu hung up and did not want to disturb her. Gu Chu opened the surveillance camera at the corridor to see who was knocking on the door …

Surprisingly, the tall man with long legs was Chen Si.