United States, New York, 5:12 AM.

It was a day like any other.

It was around 5:12 AM, and I had just finished writing the last two chapters for my fourth web novel.

Honestly, I don't know how I even got the strength to write so much.


But here I am, doing it anyway. I am really such an idiot, huh?

I can't blame anyone for this other than myself…

Well, what do you want me to say? I love writing! It's my passion! I love my characters!

I wish I could be in such worlds… life here is so dull.

Well, it was.

Now that I write so much, I can be in all sorts of different worlds and scenarios, the fun never ends.


But well, it is already pretty late, time to take to sleep only to wake up tomorrow morning and write… more.

Haha… This is the life of your web novelist.

I glance a bit at the window, the night is pretty beautiful today.

Man, I haven't gone out for a while now…

Earning money through writing and all, I have simply isolated myself inside of my every house.

Well, I was always a big Neet, but now, I am an enormous neet!

And a neet that works for himself as well!

With money like this, I can just order food every day easily, and literally, order anything to my house. I don't need to get out at all.

I am living the neet dream.

I live in this apartment by myself, since I left the orphanage around 4 years ago. magic

And well, one year ago I started writing Epic of Caterpillar, my first novel, and the most popular of the four (five, actually).

To think that I started writing it for shit and giggles, and now it became kind of my career.

Damn, how things change sometimes.

I really thought I would be a worthless piece of shit my entire life, but now I am earning big bucks by writing about an eldritch abomination taking the mortal shell of a seductive vampire fairy.

Thought… I am lonely…

I often fantasize about meeting the characters I create… To be their friends, or even as outstandingly as this may sound, to be their lovers.

Yeah, pretty cringe I know, but I bet most people have even cringier fantasies anyways.

But this is all mere fiction, it would never happen.

This is the dull… real life, where nothing fantastical actually happens, it is just me, my dull life, and my books.

And my wrists which are screaming in pain!

Okay, okay, I am almost done with this chapter!

And… there.

Damn, Frank, you have grown so much now… Frank is the protagonist of my third novel named "My World Traveling System".

Yeah, cliché name, but that's how it is.

I enjoy writing about him.

Anyways, time to go take a nap.

I check my phone for a bit… there are some new notifications on the webnovel page… Oh, more comments…

[My World Traveling System Chapter 6]

[Deeznuts69: "What a dumbass, why is he being like that? Can't this dumbass act more intelligent? Also why can't be he by himself? I hate side characters…"]

Alright, time to close the app.

Haha… life is like that sometimes.

As I close my eyes, I dream once more about somehow being able to meet my novel main characters.

Really, I am such an idiot…

Maybe I should take the day off tomorrow and watch some anime to freshen the mind and get some new ideas.

[Day 1]

Yawn, I slept well.

So today is… Friday, alright.

I quickly jump into the bathroom and go take a shower.

Phew, warm water always works with tired and pained wrists.

Now I feel more than anew!

Time to write like an insane person for hours, yay!

Wait, wasn't I going to take a break?

Breaks are for the weak anyway.



What was that?

I glance around my surroundings, but I don't see anything.

Am I hallucinating?

Perhaps I shouldn't take painkillers whenever my wrists hurt too much, they're fucking my mind!





I quickly look around my slightly clean room, I don't find anything.

What is that damn sound? Something outside?

I quickly run into my room and suddenly see my reflection in the mirror.

Slightly brown skin that seems more like a tan, short black hair, black eyes… eh, the same average dumbass.


Agh, where?! Ding! Ding! Ding!

What with the ringing sound?!

Suddenly, I am startled by a holographic window that emerges right in front of my face.

The horror is so big I jump and fall into my butt over the floor.


I slowly stare at the… thing in front of me.

I begin to think that I might be dreaming.

Yeah, this is definitely a dream.

No way in hell this is real.

Life is boring, dull, and non-fantastical.

All of this is complete fantasy, my own mind, I am… dreaming.


The window floats near me, as many texts appear.

This is definitely a System window.

[Congratulations [Gustav], you have been selected for the Interdimensional Event [Ragnarök]!]

Excuse me?


Did I read that right?

Wait, Interdimensional Event?!

I stare at the holographic window in shock, I don't get this at all.

[Ragnarök] is the Interdimensional Event designed by the [Great Supreme Above All Creation]!]

[He had decided that the lowly dimensions are way too annoying, so he had decided to merge them and make each population fight for supremacy!]

[The winners get to keep their dimension from imminent destruction!]

[Ragnarök shall commence in 6 Days, 13 Hours, and 42 minutes]

[You have been selected as the [Player #15]!]

[You have been given a [Supreme System Ticket]!]

[Please, use the ticket inside of the pocket of your pants to get a System designed especially for you to get a head start!]

[The [Great Supreme Above All Creation] has great expectations for you!]

[Good luck!]



Calm down.

I pinch my arms, it hurts.

I pinch harder, it hurts more.

I literally punch myself.

Ouch, that hurts.

Okay, this is not a dream.

This is… real life.

Without realizing it, my life was about to be thrown completely upside down.