Chapter 808   Chapter-808

Everyone is looking at Anon with shocked and surprised expression.

"Did he just said that ?"

"Yeah, he said...' I won't Kneel down'."

"How dare he say that to our Queen ?"

"What audacity ?"



Everyone in the Royal Court started talking about this as they pointed towards Anon.

"What did you say ?" The Announcer standing besides the Queen asked with a serious expression.

"I won't Kneel Down." Anon repeated himself without any hesitation.

"Sorry, Sis... Your mate is about to be dead and I can't do anything about it." Guki spoke as he looked at the ground with a disappointed expression.

'Master, What are you doing ? Please kneel down or you will die and If he died, My slave enchantments will be revealed in front of everyone.' Kolis though as she looked at Anon with a worried expression.

"Guards, get him to his knees in front of the Queen and cut off his legs after that." The General ordered with a neutral expression on his face.


"Yes, Sir." All four guards immediately started walking towards Anon.

All of them grabbed Anon's hands and started kicking him on the back of his leg.

"Hey, Guys... Come on is it necessary for me to kneel down ? I mean, I can slightly bow if you want." Anon spoke with a smile as he wasn't even gazed by the Incubus Guards.

Incubus are strong if they use their magic but without magic they are just stupid chickens to slaughter.

"What are you doing guards ? Get him down to his knees." The general shouted this time.

More guards came running towards and started punching him in the stomach, But to Anon they were baby punches.

"Sir, This Incubus is strong. Asking permission to enforce magic." One of the guard asked.

"Use it..." The general permitted.

'Auric Energy, This might be the time to show me your potential.' Anon thought as he covered his whole body with a thin layer of white energy.

The Incubus Guards also used magic and suddenly, Their strength was increased by many folds.

This time, When a guard kicked on Anon's leg from the back it actually hurted Anon even though he was protected with the Auric Energy.



"Oh... Fuck !" Anon shouted as blood came out of his mouth.

'Fuck they are strong... But, You are stronger Anon.' Anon thought as he didn't yield and continued to stand.

"What a stupid Mate, have you choosen Sister ? This guy got the Royal guards to use Magic. There is blood coming out of his mouth." Guki spoke as he looked at Kolis with a serious expression.

"I-I can't do anything. If he said that he is not going to kneel down, then He won't. It's his attitude, I can't do anything about it." Kolis spoke with a worried expression.

"Fuck... He will die." Guki spoke.

"I can't fucking do anything... Don't you understand ?" Kolis spoke with an angry expression as her eyes shined brightly red.





The guards were beating the shit out of Anon, But due to his insane healing spell... He was getting healed back immediately.

"Hey, Guys... Come on. Hit harder... You are Royal Guards, aren't you ?" Anon spoke with a smile as he spitted blood over one guard's armour.

"Sir, This guy has some kind of healing spell on him. No matter how much we beat him, He isn't going to go down." One guard spoke.

"Oh, he will... May I Your Highness ?" The general asked as he bowed down to the Queen.

The Queen didn't speak anything and just waved her hand.

"Thank you, Your Highness." The general spoke as he picked up his Broad sword and jumped towards Anon.


The general landed in front of Anon and all the guards beating him stepped aside.

Suddenly his muscles started expanding and he became so muscular that even Anon was surprised to see him.

"Wow... Man. What did you eat to-" Before Anon could've completed his sentence, The general hitted Anon with his broadsword and Anon went flying through the Royal Court.



"Wow... That was really impressive. Now, I don't have to bow down, right ?" Anon asked as he slowly stood up and looked at the general with a smile.

But, this only increased the general's Anger.

The general jumped once again and landed in front of Anon.


He raised his broadsword once again and tried to hit Anon.

But, this time Anon dodged it by slowly tilting to the right.

"So, You know how to dodge huh ?" The general asked with a serious expression.

"Oi, I said I won't Kneel down... Don't you understand the damn thing ?" Anon asked with a serious expression as he looked at the general and his eyes shined brightly purple.

"What the-" Before the General could've completed his sentence, Anon threw him away with his broadsword.


The general came crashing down in front of the Queen's throne.

He couldn't understand how such a small Incubus can throw him around like that. But, he was really furious now.

Anon on the other side was walking freely with a serious expression on his face. He summoned a cigar out of his inventory and lit it up while showing his middle finger to everyone sitting inside the Royal Court.

"You aren't an ordinary Incubus... I now know that." The general spoke in an angry voice as he stood up from the ground and started running towards Anon once again, but this time... He was very cautious of Anon's movement.

"Come at me... I will show you what it feels to get blown away." Anon spoke as he took a deep breath with the cigar in mouth.

He finished all the cigar at once and his throat started shining brightly golden all of a sudden.

'What is he doing ?' The general wondered as he looked at Anon with a confused expression.


As soon as the general reached in Anon's range. Anon released all the energy.