Chapter 2
: Chapter 2
Severance Before Marriage 1

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Pain. She felt pain everywhere.

Yun Qianyu was confused. She thought, “Didn’t I get blown to pieces? How can I feel the pain so clearly?”

While she was thinking about it, she heard the sounds of approaching footsteps and then a weak cry: “My lord, please save the young miss. She’s close to death–please let the physician take a look at her.”

There was a loud sound as if someone was kicked and then the thud of a body falling to the ground. It was followed by angry scolding, “Lowly servant, this does not concern you!”

Just then, Yun Qianyu opened her eyes and saw the person on the ground couldn’t move for some time, as the kick seemed to have been quite hard.

After kicking and scolding the servant the man walked over to Yun Qianyu’s bed and looked down at her.

He was a handsome middle-aged man with a hint of scholarly appearance; at first glance, he seemed friendly, however, Yun Qianyu didn’t forget the way he had just acted towards the servant behind him. He looked down at her with disgust in his eyes as if she was something dirty.

After seeing the well-dressed middle-aged man Yun Qianyu suddenly felt frustrated. At the same time, there was a buzz in her brain. A large amount of information rushed straight to her mind. Soon, she understood her current situation.

She was a world-famous doctor. She didn’t die during the explosion. Instead, her soul went to a strange world and became the useless first miss Yun Qianyu in the Eternal Peace Marquis’s Residence of Dong Li state.

The original Yun Qianyu was not only timid and cowardly but also considered worthless.

Although she was the first young miss of the family, she was often bullied; even the servants bullied her. Her father, the Eternal Peace Marquis Yun Lei, hated her.

Although Yun Qianyu was not popular with other people, she had a greatly admired fiance, Xiao Tianyi, the Xuan Prince.

Today was the day she was supposed to marry Xiao Tianyi.

Unfortunately, her sister, Yun Qianxue, was kidnapped by bandits. At the request of the kidnappers, His Highness Xuan Prince, who liked her sister, personally sent Yun Qianyu to the bandits in exchange for Yun Qianxue.


In order to maintain her innocence, Yun Qianyu had then jumped off a cliff to her death. Unexpectedly, her body became a vessel for a soul from another realm instead. She was angry and mourned her misfortune.

At last, Yun Qianyu thought in her heart, ‘Now that I have accepted your body, I will surely deal with those who used to bully you. Go in peace.’ As soon as she had these thoughts, the frustration in her heart faded away.

WhileYun Qianyu was still considering her current situation, the man looking down at her, the Eternal Peace Marquis Yun Lei, was already red in the face.

That was because he didn’t expect this evil girl to ignore him for such a long time after he had entered the room. Yun Lei was now angry and started to yell at her, “Vile creature, where have your manners gone? You’re not even giving proper respect to your father?!”

As soon as Yun Lei opened his mouth, Yun Qianyu woke up and looked up at the fierce man. Recognizing him as the father of her predecessor, she looked at him cooly. After she was found at the bottom of the cliff, not only did he avoid seeing her or sending a physician to her, but now he was even yelling at her.

Couldn’t he see that she was hurt and unable to move at all? Not only was her body injured but her face was mutilated as well; she could feel the burning pain of her wounds all over her face.

“You think you’re fit to be a father?”