1542 Chapter 1479-destroying the marriage tablet

It turned out that the marriage stele was afraid of the mother-child blood, which was the blood of a pregnant woman.

This was great.

Yun Qianyu couldn’t care less about anything else and ordered Long Yan,””Quick, you attack it. Don’t let it escape.”

She stood at the side and let out blood, spraying it into every attack of the Dragon Flame.

“Devil devouring tower, go, smash it to death.”

Blood stained the devil devouring tower.


The marriage stele quickly shrank into the ground.

It screamed in pain. How could Yun Qianyu let it escape? in a flash, she released her own divine source, the return to sun seven pistil Lotus.

The return to sun seven pistil Lotus was not only the Natal divine source, but also the most powerful divine weapon that could change at will.

Most importantly, it was extremely powerful.

“Fire golden spear!” Yun Qianyu shouted,”go! Pierce it!”

A fiery-red spear stained with her blood, carrying a wild flame, pierced straight through the marriage tablet like a violent Fire Dragon.

BOOM! The spear pierced through the marriage stele and it split into two.

A rumbling sound could be heard. Sharp screams were mixed in.


At this moment, the entire divine world began to shake violently. Above the sky, the sound of thunder continued. The explosive Thunder was like a roaring Dragon, madly running all over the sky.

In the hundred bamboo forest, the people who were fighting with star sovereign North Star and the others were all swaying as if they had drunk some wine. Even so, they still knew that something had happened to the marriage stele.

“Not good, something has happened.”

Almost at the same time, everyone in the divine realm knew about it.

Many shangxian flew out and headed straight for the hundred bamboo forest.

Yun Qianyu and Long Yan quickly retreated all the way to the outside.

A figure rushed over. It was star sovereign Beichen.

As soon as he rushed over, he pulled Yun Qianyu over and ordered,””Someone will be coming soon. The two of you should leave the divine world as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he quickly pulled a person to the side and said,””Chang Qing, immediately send them out of the northern Divine Gate.”

Immortal Chang Qing was an old man. As soon as he heard Star Lord Beichen’s words, he raised his hand and put Long Yan and Yun Qianyu into his wide sleeve.

Then, without another word, he left in a flash, heading straight for the North Divine Gate. When he arrived at the North Divine Gate, the divine soldiers and divine generals guarding the gate were talking in panic.

“Oh my God, why is the divine realm shaking?”

“Why are there Thunderbolts in the sky? what’s happening?”

“Could something have happened?”

At this moment, the divine soldier and divine general saw exalted immortal Chang Qing walking over and hurriedly stepped forward to ask for information.””Exalted immortal Chang Qing, what’s going on inside?”


“I don’t know what happened.”

Exalted immortal Chang Qing said nonchalantly before leaving the northern Divine Gate in a flash.

After he left the northern gate, he waved his sleeve and Long Yan and Yun Qianyu landed on the ground.

After the two of them landed, exalted immortal Chang Qing quickly said,”You guys should leave this place quickly.”

Long Yan and Yun Qianyu were worried about Star Lord Beichen. After all, they were the ones who destroyed the marriage stele today.

Now that Starlord Beichen had sent the two of them out, it was clear that he did not want them to bear the burden.

But they still felt bad.

Therefore, when the two of them saw that exalted immortal Chang Qing was about to leave, they quickly stepped forward and shouted,””Exalted immortal evergreen, will Starlord Northstar be alright? and the rest of you?”

Exalted immortal Chang Qing waved his hand.”Today’s matter has already been blown out of proportion, and those involved will definitely be severely punished, so you don’t have to worry about it. It doesn’t matter if you two are added or not.”

“Let’s go, let’s go. ”

Exalted immortal Chang Qing turned around and left.