Chapter 1207: Jiang Feifei’s Arrogance

The girl looked especially gorgeous thay day.

She was wearing a red dress. Her waist was as thin as a snake and her legs under her mini dress were slim. Her body was like a fiercely burning fire, but her face was delicate and gorgeous. She had her black hair down and she lowered her head slightly. Her big eyes blinked, looking like the girl next door. A group of people around Chen Fan had to hold their breaths and even the only Nascent Soul cultivator from the Little South Heavenly Realm in the group couldn’t help but turn around to look at her.

Jiang Feifei had become famous on the entire Sunset.

She was the disciple of the Star Ocean’s Lone Ranger, Song Yufeng, and her Senior, Bai Zichuan, was also a well-known talent in the Little South Heavenly Realm. He had risen to fame when he was young; he reached the Nascent Soul Level at 275 years old and was comparable even to the Divine Princes of the imperishable sects outside of the Little South Heaven Roll.

With such a famous Master and gorgeous appearance, she was indeed outstanding. Some nobles and disciples from the Tiannan Planet Province who were also on the Sunset also paid attention to her. The elites of the large families in the Little South Heavenly Realm even rushed to meet her.

In fact, there were a few young men standing behind the girl. All of them were powerful, surrounded by a dim light. Although they seemed to be quite young, only dozens of years old, they were all Golden Core Cultivators.


“You are...”

Jiang Feifei was surprised.

She was only wandering around because she was bored. She had never thought she would see someone so familiar. That person was like a nightmare in Jiang Feifei’s heart. Although he was a close acquaintance, she had been arrogant ever since she was small, so she wasn’t willing to think about him, at all. Jiang Feifei had thought she had already gotten rid of that nightmare. Never had she expected to meet him there.

“Can I help you, madam?” Chen Fan said calmly.

Chen Fan’s energy became subtle after he formed the Full Nascent Soul Power; Soul Formation cultivators may not even be able to sense his power. Besides, he had also changed his appearance, so Jiang Feifei only felt he was familiar.

Jiang Feifei hesitated and said, “You look a lot like a friend of mine... If you don’t mind, may I have your name?”


“You must have mistaken me for someone else. Even though I know your name, I’ve never seen you before,” Chen Fan said with a smile, “The name’s Chen Mu.”

“Chen Mu...” Jiang Feifei lowered her head.

She thought it sounded familiar.

The young man wearing a black outfit before her might have seemed a bit similar to the other person she was thinking about, but the latter was a high-profile and domineering individual. He had been born to have a pair of eyes full of disdain to despise all people. She had never witnessed that guy say something good. Even when the coalition army of the seven Divine Sects and the Soul Formation Cultivators were in front of him, he still refused to obey, seemingly able to break the entire sky with a slash at any time. Her Master was also frightened of that person.

However, Chen Mu didn’t have that energy.

“I must have thought too much. He’s the Divine Lord of the North Qiong Sect. How would he leave such a huge mess and follow me to the Tiannan Planet Province? Besides, he wouldn’t even talk to me if he were in front of me. At best he would have simply grabbed and dragged me back to Earth,” Jiang Feifei thought and took a deep breath, but a hint of sorrow flashed through her heart.

Bai Zichuan, who was wearing a robe as white as snow, moved close and said gently.”Feifei, Brother Ma Teng is still waiting for us in the room. He’s a member of the Ma family stationed in Xuan City, which is a very famous family even in the Tiannan Planet Province. We can travel to the province this time only because of him. We can’t be late.”

“I’m sorry,” said Jiang Feifei and lowered her head as she turned around and followed Bai Zichuan.

After a few steps, she suddenly looked back. “If you go to Xuan City in the future, you can tell people that you know me.”

Then, she turned around and left.

Those people behind Jiang Feifei had never said a word nor looked unhappy throughout the conversation. The manners they had learned from the large families made them treat everyone politely. Even though Chen Fan was just a mere Golden Core cultivator and was much weaker compared to them, they still waited there quietly and remained silent. Even Bai Zichuan showed reserve.

Jiang Feifei wanted to help a nameless Golden Core cultivator. It was just a word, and wasn’t a big deal.

Her relationship with the Ma family of Xuan City was the most important.

When they left, the fat guy became excited. “F**k, Jiang Feifei talked to you.

“That’s Jiang Feifei! Don’t you know that she, her master and her senior are the most famous people on the Sunset? Countless guests want to meet them. Even my relative wants to see them and get some benefits.” Guo Chuandong was excited.

The other people who were part of the “tour” also looked envious.

Half Grand Cultivators were superior in any place. Besides, Song Yufeng was a legend in the Little South Heavenly Realm; he was like God in the hearts of the medium-level and low-level cultivators.

“She mistook me for someone else.” Chen Fan smiled and shook his head.

“Why not me but you? Is she interested in you? No wonder you’ve been asking about them once you got on board. I’m really wondering whether there’s something going on between you two right now. Are you really friends?” the fat guy said in doubt.

“What a shame. It would be great if you were truly a friend of hers.” The fat guy felt sorry for him. “You’d really be able to find success easily if you can rely on Jiang Feifei. You have no idea how impressive Ma Teng is, the guy they’re going to meet. I saw with these very eyes how the captain welcomed him on board when he arrived.”

“The Ma family in Xuan City has a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator; they are a group that can do anything in the entire planet region. Song Yufeng is probably throwing himself into the lap of the Ma family in Xuan City.

“However, it’s also impressive to have a word from her. You may not be able to run wild in Xuan City, but at least nobody would dare to provoke you,” said the fat guy as he looked at Chen Fan with jealousy in his eyes. He had been working in the Tiannan Planet Province for two centuries and had finally achieved something. How could Chen Fan be so lucky and become successful just like that?

Even the other “tour” members were astonished.

“A Grand Cultivator!”

That was a family with a Grand Cultivator. No wonder they could stand tall in the Tiannan Planet Province, which had many hidden talents. The Soul Formation cultivators in the Tiannan Planet Province were different from those in the Little South Heavenly Realm. They grew while they fought with countless Grand Cultivators and elites with their lives at stake. They might not be any stronger than those in the Little South Heavenly Realm, but they were much better in terms of potential, relations, resources and authority.

Once a cultivator had the protection from such a heavy hitter, nine generations of his descendants would also be able to rise to success.

Everyone was from the Little South Heavenly Realm and that was the power they desired the most; all of them looked at Chen Fan with open jealousy. Even though Jiang Feifei only gave him her word, an outsider like Chen Fan would have the chance to settle in the Tiannan Planet Province. Local people might still look down on him, but they at least wouldn’t crowd him out.

A couple of beautiful female cultivators were looking at Chen Fan with their glittering eyes, as if they were pondering whether he was worth following.

Only that Nascent Soul cultivator called “Lord Xiuyuan” frowned and left before the rest did the same.

Then, even though everyone was still walking around, they couldn’t help but keep mentioning Chen Fan. A few female cultivators also smiled at him and tried to strike up a conversation. They pretended to unintentionally ask him where he lived, what seniors there were in his sect, what his level was, whether he knew someone in the Tiannan Planet Province and what he was going to do in the Tiannan Planet Province.

Chen Fan replied using the answers he had previously made up.

He said that he was a normal rogue cultivator born in the Shanyang Planet Region; he had decided not to join any sect. His family was well off, so he could afford a ticket, but he had almost used up his money.

Such a reply certainly disappointed the female cultivators.

Golden Core cultivators like them had left their homes in the Little South Heavenly Realm to test their luck in the Tiannan Planet Province. They preferred finding properly settled locals; once they crawled on them, they would immediately have everything, including local relations, resources and cultivation materials, and they would be able to settle down quickly. After staying in the Tiannan Planet Province for a couple of centuries, they would become true residents there and might have a couple of open quotas to bring their family from the Little South Heavenly Realm.

Cultivators—those who only had a bit of Spirit Stones and no foundation at all like Chen Fan—were completely beneath their consideration, but a couple of female cultivators still placed him in the fifth or sixth option; they would still take him if they couldn’t find anyone better. At least he could pay for their meals.

Chen Fan either cultivated in his room or sometimes wandered around during the next period of time.

Everything on the Sunset made him feel both unfamiliar and familiar at the same time.

The reason he found it unfamiliar was that he had never seen such a sight in the past few centuries. Ever since he rose to the top of the universe, he had only been to the secret sacred ground of the True Martial Celestial Sect, palaces of humanity’s highest authorities or the secret lands at the border of the universe and outside of the realms. He had indeed never seen places full of noises, where people were bustling and ordinary people lived together with normal cultivators in the last several centuries. However, he also felt that things were a bit familiar.

Chen Fan became close with the fat guy and a girl who joined the tour.

That female cultivator, Wang Yuanyuan, was also going to the Lin Yang Planet Region; but unlike Chen Fan, she had distant relatives there, even though she wore a troubled look when she mentioned her distant relative. She might have to rely on them, but there was a trace of disgust in her eyes.

Wang Yuanyuan apparently treated Chen Fan differently. She seemed much closer to him than to the others.

Chen Fan thought it was because they were both going to Lin Yang, so the girl wanted to rely on him for a bit. It might also be because Jiang Feifei had recently gone looking for him several times when she was free.


Jiang Feifei went back a few times to drink with Chen Fan.

Chen Fan certainly didn’t want to go; he had nothing to say to that girl. He couldn’t send her back to Earth, but he didn’t want her to stay alone outside, either. What should he do if Auntie Tang knew about it?

But the fat guy and the others were extremely thrilled. They all tried to convince Chen Fan, so he had no choice but to follow.

“You look so much like someone I know. If your energy was as powerful and earth-shattering as his, I would have thought he was right in front of me.” After drinking a few glasses of “Spirit Fruit Wine,” Jiang Feifei’s eyes became hazy like smoke and mist.

Chen Fan was speechless.

But he couldn’t say anything.

Even though Jiang Feifei came alone every time, a few of her suitors usually gathered at the bar after she arrived. Not making any moves, they merely sat down and drank quietly. However, plumes of Immortal Will enveloped the both of them all the time like spider webs, as if warning Chen Fan not to do anything that would upset them. They could kill ‘Chen Mu’ anytime they wanted with their power.

“Miss Jiang, I’m really not your friend.” Chen Fan smiled wryly.

Jiang Feifei finished the green, glittering fruit wine at once and said with a mix of disdain and awe, “Of course you can’t be him. He’s a cultivator who defeated the seven imperishable sects, killed the ‘King of Falling Stars,’ Qin Jian, and reached the peak-stage Nascent Soul level at fifty years of age. People say he doesn’t even take Soul Formation Grand Cultivators seriously and is now ruling a planet region, calling himself Divine Lord. He can be one of the top ten cultivators in the entire Little South Heavenly Realm. How would you possibly be him? You would probably end up terrified to death when you hear his name.”

Someone close by exclaimed, “The Divine Lord of the North Qiong Sect!”

Even a few of her suitors turned pale.

They looked at Jiang Feifei in shock; they had never thought Chen Fan could be an old friend of hers.

“I’m just a Golden Core Cultivator from the Shanyang Planet Region. How can I compare to the Divine Lord of the North Qiong Sect?” Chen Fan said naturally.

“You’re better than him when it comes to friendliness. That guy, when he sits to idle away in front of you, you can see everything in his eyes; mountains, oceans, the sky, the ground, the sun, the moon, Heaven, but not you. He’s extremely arrogant and proud of himself. You’ll grit your teeth and have the urge to slap him to death when you see him. Even the tone when he speaks sounds like he doesn’t care about anything. All our efforts, all our achievements and all our persistence are nothing in the guy’s eyes.

“Hm, you think being the Divine Lord of the North Qiong Sect and a peerless talent is impressive? You think you can look down on people because of that? I’ll become a Grand Cultivator one day and make the trip back to take you down, to make you bow your head and apologize.” Jiang Feifei’s face was flushed in the end. She banged on the table as she outright stepped on top of her seat, looking furious.

Chen Fan was shocked.

He thought, “F**k, is that how you think of me? But I never looked down on you...”

However, Jiang Feifei had already become excited. She continued banging on the table, kicking the chairs and swinging her fists. “Chen Beixuan, just you wait and see. You’re now hiding on Earth, so keep on hiding. I’m going to the Tiannan Planet Province and I’ll go to the Central Galaxy in the future... That’s the real cultivation sacred ground. Given my talent, I’ll be able to beat you in three centuries, no, one century, once I get there. You’re a talent, and so am I! I’m a super talent among talents.”

As she spoke—

No one dared to say a single word.

“Oh, poor Divine Lord of the North Qiong Sect.”

Although he was a guy in the Abandoned Planet Region—a person who no one could truly ascertain whether he was truly a Divine Lord or not—Grand Cultivators were unpredictable, even when only language was concerned. Grand Cultivators were beings who could sense someone utter their names, being able to target them from a distance, then release energy to kill them.

“Feifei, you’re drunk,” Bai Zichuan sighed and said gently as he pulled the girl down from the chair.

Chen Fan could only lower his head and keep drinking at that moment.

What else could he do if he didn’t drink? Smash that girl to death with one hand?

Even though the North Mystic Celestial Lord was decisive when it came to killing, he wasn’t an intolerant person. Would you stab your colleagues or friends because they complained about you when they were drunk? Besides, Jiang Feifei was his junior.

Chen Fan couldn’t help but remain speechless.

“This girl really can’t be offended. I should have sent her back to Earth earlier. I should have talked to her on the mountain back then.”

“Are you going to Lin Yang, Brother Chen?” Bai Zichuan turned around and asked as he held the drunk girl in his arms.

“Yes, my family is in Lin Yang,” Chen Fan replied.

“The Lin Yang Planet Region may not have the same conditions as Xuan City, but the two places are connected. If you need anything, contact me and tell people you know me. It should help a bit,” Bai Zichuan said and nodded at him.

Everyone around them looked a bit startled; they looked at Chen Fan with a hint of puzzlement and pondering.

The same phrase spoken by Jiang Feifei and Bai Zichuan had completely different weight.

Jiang Feifei was only a Connate Cultivator at the moment. She would at least need decades or a century to grow. In comparison, Bai Zichuan had already become famous in the Little South Heavenly Realm. He would be recognized by the Ma family in Xuan City even when he went to the Tiannan Planet Province. Besides, there was also that Star Ocean’s Lone Ranger who had once escaped from a Grand Cultivator. With that promise, people in Xuan City and Lin Yang would have to act politely when they interacted with Chen Fan, not to mention having the chance to run wild there.

A few people even sized Chen Fan up and thought whether they should ask someone to investigate him and see why he was worthy of Bai Zichuan’s appreciation.

“Thank you,” Chen Fan replied calmly, without showing any emotions.

Jiang Feifei never showed up again after her drunk display, which made the fat guy and the others sigh.

She was like a dragon living on the clouds that would descend to drink with people on the ground from time to time. After drinking, she would soar in the sky again and they would live in two different worlds.

Chen Fan didn’t care about it and continued cultivating quietly.

A month later—

They arrived in the Tiannan Planet Province.

The small groups started to split and everyone was transferred to different regions. Before he got off the boat, Chen Fan saw Jiang Feifei and the others board another ship; it was as large as the Sunset but more magnificent, which was under the protection of a group of people in luxurious clothes, flying into the sky. Chen Fan and the others could only walk out of the port and take boats to different planet regions.

Jiang Feifei didn’t turn around and look back at him when she left.

What Chen Fan was unable to believe was that the fat guy, Guo Chuandong, was also from the Lin Yang Planet Region, apart from the female cultivator, Wang Yuanyuan. Following the fat guy’s lead, the three of them got on the interstellar train to their final destination.

“Father, mother, are you well?”

Chen Fan felt emotional while he sat in the interstellar train that traveled across the universe.

After more than ten years...

He was finally going to meet his parents.

He was young when he left home; he would be older by the time he met them.

Besides, apart from his parents, there was also his brother and sister, whom he had no idea how to face.

Chen Fan didn’t know how he should feel as he thought of his brother and sister. Right then, he only felt abashed.